midlands wing chun [Wing Tsun bruce lee dummy book]

wing chun or Wing Tsun or wing chan
wonderful methods Which can shut down your body in untold
Against nearby interactions Which it is difficult for any fighter The closure of the body It also provides you
Discount the possibility of encircling arms and jailed In different ways
It also has a many ways
To get the internal energy
To shake out punches against the deduction of ....... ,
We will be touching many, many within
But what concerns us here is by the defense

History of Wing Chun
There are many stories
Telling the history and origin Wing Chun
But the most popular stories
Those that took place in the eighteenth century almost
Where there was a nun in the Shaolin Temple Ngmui drew its claims in one day
Fighting between the crane and the fox It found that there was too much to learn from nevertheless
Continued to monitor closely such as the clashes And studied carefully
And set up its approach, which depends on Crane fighting with a fox
She is learned in the style of snake of shaolin
After a nun to leave the temple
she teached her style to her student yim wing chin
It is a word that means plum flower
And then knew how the name,
These, in turn, learned of her husband leong pok kow
Most of the trees is due to them for family-style,
The city Fochan in China
Is the city, including the deployment of the way
Most teachers have abandoned the art of boxing with the revolution and the persecution of practitioners of all kinds of fighting
Among them, yip man
, Who emigrated to Hong Kong in 1950
He founded the style of its own claim to the style of Hong Kong
This is a man of modern wing chun
A coach bruce lee Trained at the three-yip man totals only way and was forced to travel to Los Angeles to study there and invented the style, which claims to Jeet Kun Do

It is the art of objection fist or foot
, Which depends largely on the wing chunCreated by yip man,

And wing chun is divided into five groups, namely,
- ciolim Jintao
- chm Kew
- byutzi
- eodon Domi
- A group of shaolin
This is the side they are two wing chun
- Zai
- saex and the Half.

Forms of wing chun kung fu: See Illustrated Photo here

First form:Sil Lim Tao wing chun:
used by sifu to learn young wing chun trainers the principle of wing chun boxing and basic movements of fist and foot ,click link above for more details
see great picture of sil lim tao form below:

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Ip man's Wing chun kung fu :
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