wing tsun {wing chun kung fu} wooden dummy book by yip man

wing chun kung fu is an kung fu class and also written as [wing tsun] or [ving tsun]
and the wooden dummy used for this style specially but i think it an tool for any martial art schools or any self defence classes and may used for good teaching the self defense for kids
so the usefull of using training dummies is to simplify the self defense lessons for any martial art school
and many of mixed martial arts training styles using this wooden dummy to perform closed self defense instruction ,so i think the good performance of martial arts training is that exploit the training dummies to do the very enclosed self defense moves and may it valid to players that training the kickboxing
but i think that it gain that popularity from Master Yip Man who concentrated his life on experimenting his martial arts teaching by using training dummy which is gained it's name later
[wing chun dummy]
but i did not Knew about karate schools or any of mixed martial arts using training dummy martial arts to good training on martial arts instruction
and the son of Yip Man obtained many Pictures to his father and master then put them in book with sorting of stances
which 116 steps has been illustrated by Yip man in this book
and here is the book which i found it free to use and re-brand with the full copy right and my blog does not suffer any responsibilities about illegal use or copy of this book
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here is book link to download
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