Bruce Lee and Wing Chun Kung Fu Secrets

The original martial Lee uses for the creation and training was Bruce Lee Wing Chun Kung Fu. Ironically Wing Chun was actually founded by a woman - the name YIM Wing Chun. As the story goes on, more than 400 years ago learned that this is a basic form of self-defense of the Buddhist nun.

Differences between Wing Chun and many other forms of Kung Fu is the difference is that in regard to some people - soft and hard styles. YIM Wing Chun, noted that in other kung fu styles too much emphasis is in - hard horse. Has the impression that it was not wise during the operation in which women should train. Qi has developed Sao practice, it is a special part of the Wing Chun-style, into the management of migration flows for the opponent instead of trying to dominate it.

Unlike most Kung Fu styles, try to dominate your opponents with the strength and technique, Wing Chun is a suitable wife for less than one individual on the basis of a more aggressive style, with quick attacks and solid defense. Yip Man, Bruce Lee Wing Chun original coach is responsible for the style from China, Hong Kong, where he lived for Bruce. Yip Man as the principal authority for Wing Chun on time.

Thus it seems that the student, Bruce Lee - followed the master steps and brought Wing Chun in the United States. Bruce Lee during the training and went to San Francisco, Lee noted, some aspects of the Wing Chun, and this problem Kung Fu broadly that the fight is not practical in real life situations.

There were many misunderstandings and rumors, unless Bruce Lee decided to learn Kung Fu. The truth is that Bruce was no different than all the boys. At the age of 13 years after they were beaten heavily by the band - Lee began training in Wing Chun Kung Fu, from the Master Yip Man At the beginning, that the Bruce Lee Jeet in Kuna You "," Wing Chun was the best form for use in the area.

Later this will change, because he felt that the western boxing much more effective in dealing with the hand Struck by the Chinese Kung Fu style. That is why there is so much emphasis on boxing training and Bruce Lee

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