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wing chun ,Wooden dummy
The Muk Yan Jong is a wooden dummy used in Chinese martial arts training.
Specially with the martial art of Wing Chun and other kung fu styles of Southern China also using wooden dummies trainings This is due much to benefits of wooden dummies to strengthen the hands and legs and help to accelerate the rate of strikes of martial arts fighter .
Traditionally wooden mannequins are manufactured from Wood
but modern constructions are built from other materials such as steel and plastic.

Wing Chun Dummy in the Wing Tsun school :
Wing Chun wooden dummy is the most popular wooden Dummy. Wing Chun uses a wooden dummy arms and legs configuration to cultivate the fight with the skills and chi simultaneously.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Books:this book illustrating from A to Z the Wooden Dummy Techniques
Wing Chun Kung Fu: The Wooden Dummy
Author :Rawcliffe, Sifu Shaun

The wooden dummy in Hong Kong
is a wall version of the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy hanging by two strips of wood in the body of the wooden dummy. Older versions of Wing Chun wooden dummy has been placed in the ground. The modern design was created by Yip Man in Hong Kong to meet the needs of living in an apartment.
The Wing Chun version of the muk yan jong has three arms and a leg, an opponent of the body in various positions and lines of force of the body can give. The wood slats on which the muk yan jong is mounted a spring which is similar to a human opponent involuntary response and allows the user to the practice of absorbing energy in its position.

Because of this clear, this type of model is considered a "living" model. Therefore, the old version of the dummy without erection is commonly called "dead" Dummy.

There is a lot of sources to buy a strong and suitable dummy for you but personally I recommends one of two best dummies ;

Wing Chun:Traditional Wooden Dummy
Wing Chun: Traditional Wooden Dummy
Author Kwok, Samuel
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Wooden Dummy
Training with a wooden dummy improves and develops proper form use of foot, eye, hand co-ordination and balance. Used by many Chinese martial arts system and famous instructors such as Bruce Lee. Made from solid Chinese hard wood

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