Wing Tsun Sil Lum Tao (siu num tao) form

Sil lum tao or Siu num tao or Sil lim tao  whatever you type you must be searching for the first form of one of the best Chinese fighting techniques the Wing chun (sometimes typed wing tsun or Ving tsun or wing chan).

What is Wing tsun Sil lum tao or what the wing tsun sil lum tao means?
Sil lum tao or siu num tao is the first form of wing tsun kung fu style (open-hand form), or taolu.

What does the word mean?
Sil lum tao word means Literally (little thought/idea) and  chinese may type it as:
Traditional Chinese 小念頭
Simplified Chinese 小念头

How did the Sil Lum Tao form of wing chun kung fu started or found?
As the style wing chun itself has born ,where most of chinese fighting styles of kung fu born, the Temple of Shaolin monks about 250 years ago

What is the usage of Siu num tao form ?
Always Martial artists teaching basics of  a style techniques  by compiling the ordinary or neutral movements  that will use later in advanced forms in one form to teach the basic movements to players carefully at there first stage in learning wing tsun kung fu .

This picture identify the complete form of sil lum tao wing tsun kung fu:
the first picture from and another one from

What is the martial techniques ,movements included in wing tsun kung fu form ;sil lum tao?
firstly the foot in sil lum tao wing chun form used to basic moving  to complete the stance components.
Hand in form of siu num tao wing tsun kung fu is used widely because the style wing tsun kung fu itself consists mainly of Hands techniques for fighting in close combat .
What I will learn from the form of wing tsun sil lum tao ?
stances of sil lum tao form of wing chun.
Practitioner of the first form of wing chun should know the central lines when moving hands and the right position you should move the rest of body to make complete excellent stance.
The first form of wing tsun practice your techniques to strike out the right hit to the right target.
Mentality and meditation taken into account in this form so you learn the right breath technique when practice the advanced wing tsun forms because the right way for breathing exploding the Internal Energy (KI or Chi ;power of life).
Short range strikes or close combat is the common technique of wing chun so the the first form focus on the close range combat.
Great emphasis is put on relaxation while performing Siu Nim Tao. This facilitates efficiency of movement and hand speed.

Detailed techniques of sil lum tao wing chun form varies significantly between schools and branches the teaching the Chinese martial arts style ;wing tsun kung fu.
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