3 Best Books to Learn Shaolin Kung Fu?

There were many types of gung fu (kung fu) taught in Shaolin Temples, these include (but are not limited to): Crane, Tiger, Snake, Northern Praying Mantis, Dragon, White Eyebrow, Wing Chun and Southern Praying Mantis. 

Each of the systems taught have sub-systems, i.e.: Shaolin White Crane, Black Crane, Tibetan White Crane and Fukien Shaolin White Crane. There are many styles and, therefore, texts on shaolin gung fu. Which text you buy depends on what you want it for. If you want a basic history and description of each of the shaolin styles, I recommend you look at "The Shaolin Grandmasters' Text'. 

If you seek a text which will teach you how to use shaolin gung fu for combat, I highly recommend that you reconsider. As has been the response to many other people who have asked if martial arts can by learnt using a book, martial texts are a good supplement to training in martial arts, but they are not a substitute for good hand-on training with a qualified instructor. It is dangerous to try and use a method learnt in a book in real life self-defence situations. If you are not looking to teach yourself using a book, then disregard this paragraph, I just thought that it should be said if your intention is to teach yourself. Good luck.

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Should I Learn Kung Fu in China?

I am 13 a guy and i am in martial arts in america. the traning i am recieving is too easy and my moves are sloppy and weak. i am strong for my age and size and do well in martil arts. after high school i want to go to china and recieve true traning from the real masters. i want to hear any opinions that you have??

 China the best place to learn Kungfu. I would say....probably not. I have met some people good at kungfu in China, mostly it is the their family kungfu. There are only a few kungfu schools in China. Shaolin temple area has many, but they are not shaolin monks. I have met a real Shaolin monk, but not actually in the Shaolin temple (where it is very hard to meet the real Shaolin monks). So I know where to meet a real master (with the real iron head and mystic powers who lives in a cave in a ruined temple giving advice to people...I am not joking). 

Anway, this real Shaolin Monk currently lives in Foshan, the home of Huang Fei Hong (of once upon in time in China and Drunken Master and several other famous kungfu movies....he is so famous he has been played by Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and Jet Li). 

So I would recommend going to Foshan to learn kungfu, as there are many schools there and you can also go up Xiqiao Mountain to look for the monk and beg to be his student (also he grows his own vegetables which are really delicious). Oh, and he also currenly has a 12 year old apprentice who could probably kick your butt no problem. 

For learning Kungfu, there are many aorund the world. I have met many people who go to Korea as they take their Taekwondo very seriously (during a training run, if you finish last in the group people beat you with sticks) or Japan (which I know less about). 

Hong Kong can also be a good place to study. 

The problem with learning Kungfu in the US or any western country is that most people who study it are doing it for fun and exercise. Most real Chinese masters get annoyed with their students lack of discipline. I would suggest shop around and find someone who can is more disciplined. 

But I would also suggest that you are 13, and at your age you will perhaps be a little sloppy. Don't worry, keep working on it and I think you will get better.

How Hard is Kung Fu to Learn?

i'm 17 and i really really really would like to learn kung-fu, but i would like to know before i start how intense it is, what should i prepare for, how should i prepare for it, how long will it be before i can master any form of it, and what should i look for when trying to find a place to learn it. 
Please Give As Many Details As You Can 

17 is a very prime age to start training in Kung Fu and I highly advise you do. On average, it takes about five to ten years of training to master any style Kung Fu. External styles take less time, whereas internal styles take longer. 

As for intensity, it all depends on the instructor. Nothing really to prepare for either, the instructor will tell you what to do. 

Be aware that Kung Fu is very broad... there are contemporary styles meant for performance, styles meant solely for combat, styles meant for both combat and philosophy and etc. Research different styles and figure out what's for you.

Also be aware of internal Kung Fu such as Tai Chi or Bagua. Chen style Tai Chi master Ren Guang Yi said that he had always wanted to learn Shaolin Kung Fu, but became so impressed by the power of Chen style Tai Chi that he decided to dedicate his life to that instead.

Its only as intense as you and your instructor wants it to be. Some martial arts school students I see hardly gets up into a sweat after every lesson while others come out with big bruises all around their fingers and limp away because their legs are too tired to walk properly. 

However, I would suggest that you don't prepare for it except warm up a little before a lesson and remember to bring a water bottle and a towel to wipe sweat away with! There is no need whatsoever to be so nervous though, buddy! The instructor will know you are a beginner, and you would start off with the basics. It may be a little painful or overwhelming at first (at least it was to me) but you will get through it and enjoy it. 

Learning kung fu can take you a life time (literally) as there is so much to master and perfect and there is always people who can or who has the potential to beat you in a sparring match. If you've got grading at your school though, then a typical black belt (or whatever equivalent to that) will take you around 3-5 years? It depends on your ability though and the timeframe might be shorter or longer. I know some people who got their black belt in two and a half years time. Likewise, I also have a friend who is into her 7th year of taekwondo and is still a red belt (two grades away from black). However, if your future instructor tells you that you can master something under a year, then you may have landed yourself in a macdojo/mcdojang. 

Ask your neighbours/friends/family and see if either of them do kung fu. Its nice to go to a gym and already know someone. If no one does, just walk around the district and search the web. 

How Long Does it Take to Learn Kung Fu?

I was just watching The Karate Kid...the one with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith :] and it makes me want to learn Kung Fu lol. I was just wondering how long it takes to learn? I wish I could go to China and learn from a real Chinese kung fu fighter! It would be so exciting!

It takes a day to learn Kung Fu, but it takes a Life Time to understand it. What i mean about a day is, in many gyms for Martial Arts, you can learn one move and master it in that one day. 

In 1 week you would have mastered 7 moves like Round house, Jab, Uppercut, Knee strike, etc. 

For a life time, well, it takes a life time to really learn the Martial System as a whole. 

Its not the Length of time you should be asking, its whether you want to train and if there are gyms nearby where you live that teach what you want and preferable under 100 a month for fees. 

There should be some people who teach REAL Kung Fu in the Western world now. People from China. I've met Shaolin Monks here in NZ and a man who was an Assassin for Gangsters too. 

Edit: Like i said before. You can learn some moves in a specific system in a day but not the whole thing. The whole thing will take much longer and there are multiple styles in Kung fu. Kung Fu is the generic word to name Chinese Martial Arts. 
Yes, the otehr answers are just ignorant by saying, "A life time". Well, it takes a life time to learn anything but it takes 5 years to get a 1st dan Learning the 1st set of Whatever that martial art was. 

Even if you are a master you are not done learning.

How can I Learn Kung fu Myself?

I would like to learn kung fu (the form that uses quick and swift punches rather than acrobatic movements). I get beat up a lot outside. My parents wont let me learn it saying that it is a bad influence. Any way i could learn it at home?

I don't get beat a lot. just 3 times but badly : broken arm and stuff.. Can anyone provide links to sites or videos to teach techniques and what to do and what not to do?
Follow advice:
 hard work and brains will get you far. Obviously a good class will improve your technique, but you don't need much in class instruction before you can practice what you've learned.

Ed Hart, one of Bruce Lees first students, put in the work and that is how he got good at boxing, before he met Bruce. He literally just took a bunch of bricks, wrapped it in a sack, rolled some carpet around the outside, and used it as a punching bag. He figured if he could just hit really hard and really fast, then that was good enough.

My point is, that instead of looking for the perfect solution, get to work, do something, and if you find a good class someday, then great, if not, at least you practiced something and got better. If you don't have a bag to hit, use weights in your hands, and just do speed chain punches or something.

Other than that, YouTube and dvds can help. Be sure to look into proper form, so you don't hurt your elbows, or hands.

and also, actually fighting should be your last choice because you can go to jail for beating people up. One guy in my circle of classes got jumped by 6 guys, he beat them all up, but went to jail, because one of those guys wasn't actually in the fight. He was just a random guy was standing too close to the fight. You never know what will happen.

Get one of those high quality pepper sprays meant for self defense. It works better than hitting someone, and you get in less trouble for it.

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