Learn shaolin black tiger shantung style kung fu

For many years the Chinese martial arts has been kept secret in the Shaolin Temple and can not be learned from the Chinese public as well as teach strangers from outside China.
I've seen the modern era after the onset of Bruce Lee films in the U.S. and Hong Kong films in the sixties revolution literally on the Chinese traditions that prevent non-Chinese to learn the martial arts of China.
This book truly is one of the jewels and the secrets of Chinese civilization, as it contains the secrets of the killer style of Kung Fu The black tiger style.

Shantung Black Tiger book, a Shaolin Fighting Art of North China
This was a martial arts book that I read in the 1970's. I think it is a good book considering the decade that it was written in but for today's more practical reader's and practitioners of the martial arts I am afraid it would fall short of expectations.
If you are a Chinese martial arts enthusiast you will enjoy this book for the written sections on background, history, and practice of this old style.

A wonderful book actually including contained therein clear images.
Detailed explanations of the Black Tiger style.Good arrangement and scientific images with text below each image shows how to carry out the movements and how to benefit from them.

Begins with an overview of the history as one of the Shaolin and arts of fighting in Northern China, which depends mainly on the legs kicked.

shantung kung fu style book

Contains a part teach you how to use the techniques of The black tiger positions in self-defense true situations.
Applications very new way to use the kicking and punching the way the northern tiger kung fu using the graphics are clear and precise as to how to perform the movements and stances.

The book includes teaching you how to use what is listed as applications, in other words, how to exercise applications on the dummy fighting, for example, and how to the exercises yourself without the help of one and how to practicing on the applications of the fighting by using movements and stances The black tiger with a partner to increase your understanding of the techniques and speed application in any position of real fight.

With a strong piece explaining brief and does not contain nonsense unnecessary.
With the book provides a brief explanation, but the book contains details of how to perform
a satisfactory techniques in The black tiger combat situations.
Which offers a very in-depth study to learn the style of black Tiger as of Shaolin without
a teacher at home easily.

This book presents an interesting form from a style not seen much in the U.S. or outside of
China. Donn Draeger learned this standard Shantung Kuntao form from Master Khiong in return
for teaching him Kusarigame Jutsu (chain-and-sickle fighting)when he was researching
material for his book,The Weapons and Fighting Arts of Indonesia.This book is an excellent
reference of the complete techniques of this style.Traditionally the study of Kunato is
banned by the Indonesian Government and few of non-Chinese blood ever get to learn it or
for that matter see it performed,so the fact that a system is presented in such detail in
book form is an achievement in itself.

Disadvantages of :
The only problem lies in the line drawings. While they're generally pretty good, some of
them do NOT make clear how the stance/strike is performed, which makes things confusing
when you get to the photos. The balancing stance drawings, for example, don't show the
hands exactly as they're supposed to be (refer to the first practical application in
chapter five for the actual positions.) .

The book in overall has very strong explanations which will benefit beginners and old practitioners at all.

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Learn tiger style kung fu from a book for beginners

Online there are many educational books to teach the old ways in the Chinese martial art of Kung Fu .
Most books and educational films available in the market now does not include Tiger martial arts education only , but there is the so-called education system five animals .
The five animals system is the style was drafted in the Shaolin Temple and includes movements fighting for five animals , including tiger and leopard, crane and snake and dragon too.
It is difficult to find an educational resource for the style of one of the system.
After searching the Internet and found this wonderful work of the teacher of Kung Fu Ke named Paul.
tiger claw
This guy explains how you can rely on the movements of the Tiger in combat fighting and ensure that his explanation of the Tiger style of the other five animals.

Tiger in the Moonlight book by Paul Koh Published by Bo Law Kung Fu Federation in April 2004 under ISBN-10: 0975520105.

Sifu Paul Koh has been training in the art of Chinese Kung Fu for the past twenty-five years, beginning with the instruction he received from Master Tony Lau and culminating with the instruction he received over the past decade from Master Tak Wah Eng, both of whom were superior students of Grandmaster Wai Hong. Under their tutelage, he has learnt a wide variety of Kung Fu styles, including Northern and Southern Shaolin, Five Animal System, and classical weaponry.

Advantages of "Tiger in the Moonlight book ":
Powerful historical background:
Enjoyable historical insight into how the animal forms came to be. Information on the tiger claw system is like discovering a rare gem. More publication on this system would benefit the martial art community. The book beautifully illustrates the esoteric fighting style of this powerful animal. So little information is published about five animal kung fu forms, and this book gives a brief history of the system and the form itself.

Better for beginners:
Sifu Paul Koh provides an introduction to the tiger matching set for martial artists who want to know more about this form. But it also captures the attention of the curious and will certainly encourage them to study kung fu and truly learn the techniques behind "Tiger in the Moonlight." There aren't many martial arts manuals that are so well designed and this book should be in the library of any serious kung fu practitioner.

Excellent photographs of each move in the illustrated form.

Clear, concise instruction provided especially for beginner who want to start learn tiger techniques quickly.

Disadvantages of paul book:
Don't expect to find any ancient forms of tiger kung fu style:
This book based on the not so long illustration guide to the style Fu Jow Pai, and does not contain explanation about traditional shaolin form or the original hung gar form of tiger and crane.

The problem of short demonstrations: 
The form is rather short and no proper explanation is given even though the pictures are clear.

More kung fu books reviews will be added frequently, if you want to review your work just PM me.

Tiger style kung fu Vs wusu kung fu styles Vs Boxing

Today I will share with you some videos that prove how could style the tiger method face other methods and other martial arts styles.

National geographic channel recorded a very amazing movie about fighting techniques and included the tiger style as one of those fighting techniques understudy.
The video gives a vision of how the face of an adversary using the the movements of combat in the style of Kung Fu Tiger.
I leave you with this great video:

Second video: show how can a tiger kung fu skilled player who are know how to use the deadly movements of tiger kung fu can face the other skilled kung fu players who are skilled in different style of kung fu.
Next video show you the confrontation of boxing practitioner to tiger kung fu, I think this will answer the question that say "Is tiger kung fu techniques real?"

Finally I try to share with my friends and kung fu fans the Strength and rigidity player the kung fu style, especially Tiger style which I loved him very, and I hope all of you would be able to exercise some quick and impressive moves of the tiger style.
Learn tiger style techniques

How to learn tiger style kung fu techniques at home by videos

Basically Tiger style can refer to several different styles/style sections. There is no one "Tiger style". There are white tiger style and Black tiger style kung fu, show (Hei hu quan and Bok Fu). As mentioned before that early masters recognized that animals were superior fighters and developed fighting styles that mimicked the movements and attitudes of the animal. The dance-like movements appear graceful on the surface, but can be deadly during a confrontation. The animal's elegance and grace is matched only by its efficient ferocity. Animal style practitioners are quick, deceptive and are taught to end a fight almost instantly, usually either maiming or killing the opponent.

The Fire and Water student may pursue Praying Mantis, Tiger, Eagle, Snake, Bear, Monkey, Crane and Dragon. Students will receive practical fighting / sparring experience in both empty hand (controlled) and gloved (full contact) bouts.

In both tiger styles you must start of with the basics (kicking, punching, bow and arrow stance, horse stance, bow and arrow and horse stance combos. And then after that the school will put you to handset training, Handset training is learning the forms and different animal styles.

Tiger style kung fu has a very special method of fighting such as to make our hand like claws and from there was taught very complex techniques to attack the throat, gabbing techniques, as well as scratching.

Actually you don't have to literally imitate a tiger in order to learn tiger style kung fu. The predatory skills which makes a tiger such an effective predator is what a practitioner of the tiger style would want to translate into combat in order for him/her to become a powerful fighter. Attributes of the tiger, such as its ability to instill fear into its prey, its fearless spirit, its tremendous speed when attacking, its aggression not of evasion, emphasizing overwhelming force, simplicity & directness in attacking, its effective camouflage, its surprise attacks on its prey, its powerful strikes, are what a practitioner of the tiger style should emulate, . So, given the attributes of a tiger, a practitioner ought to have a heart of a warrior, his legs should be developed so just like a tiger he/she would be fast when attacking the opponent, would have strong legs for stability in his/her stances and could deliver devastating kicks and sweeps. His/her arms, fists and hands should be developed so that his punching, clawing and grabbing techniques would be powerful and effective. The tiger's camouflage and its ability to catch its prey off guard is to be translated as a fighter's ability not to telegraph his/her attack and the ability to bait the opponent into a trap.
From: Interviews of Mr. Enielo Jubac in Rapid Journal.

I want a school to learn tiger kung fu fighting:
You have to find a school that teaches it. A lot of kung fu styles have tiger forms - hung gar, Shaolin five animal fist, choy li fut...all utilize tiger and that's only 3. There are other styles that focus on tiger and nothing else, like fu jow pai, bak fu pai, and Shandong black tiger.

Most martial art kung fu schools now a days dont specifically train just tiger style. A good kung fu school will have varies animal styles 5 or more.

Most schools won't teach just the Tiger Boxing. They will incorporate it into another style, such as Hung Gar or the Five Animals Style. I'm not saying that there aren't schools out there or that the teacher won't offer to teach you that style only, but it is a challenge to find one.

My advice would be to interview each school that you look up and ask them very specific questions on the subject of learning Tiger Boxing. Styles like White Tiger more than likely won't be found over here. Black Tiger and Tiger Claw are the most prevalent here in the United States.

Tiger style kung fu Programs in united states:
There is a White Tiger school in the US that has been here for many years. It is Doo Wai's White Tiger Kung Fu. He is a highly respected Master here in the US. http://www.whitetigerschools.com/  He has a couple of branches in LA. Contact him and ask the locations. There are a few Shantung Black Tiger schools too. If you like those styles, you might want to look at Bak Mei as it is similar to White Tiger.

Is Cat style kung fu a form of tiger kung fy styles?
Some martial arts fans thought that there is a cat style kung fu or a fighting style is a cat-like kung fu, the Hsing Yi has a "Cat Form" as I mentioned in another topic about xingyiquan kung fu, and jackie chan emulate a cat-like techniques in his old movie about "jackie chan the Snake in the shadow of cat claw".

Video 1 show Tiger stances video.
Videos 2 learn you how to do Tiger style kung fu applications.
Video 3 is a short show of 5 animals system of shaolin kung fu including tiger claw.

Learn Tiger kung fu style forms by video (Hei hu quan and Bok Fu)

I will mention the main difference between different colors of tiger kung fu styles and how this is not the matter of just colors, it is about the fighting techniques and powerful stances and movements taken to fight using every tiger coloring style.

First: Fighting Techniques of Black tiger kung fu style:
 Also named "Hei hu quan". It is
characterized by its extensive footwork, acrobatic kicks, low, wide stances, and unique fist position (where the thumb is curled in the same manner as the other fingers, rather than wrapped around them). According to the Shaolin Grandmasters, the style is the single most external style in the Shaolin canon; the longer the stylist practices, however, the more she or he comes to rely solely on internal power. In this respect it is similar to Northern Praying Mantis.
also no special costumes of tiger kung fu.

First video is about learning the black tiger kung fu style form:

Note that: Black tiger kung fu is the Shaolin Shandong black tiger fist (Chinese: 黑虎拳, Hei hu quan) and it is a northern Chinese martial art which originated in Shandong Province.

Masters and teachers of shaolin kung fu style:
Grandmaster Shi De Qian  The Vice President of Henan Martial Arts Association; Secretary Chief of China Shaolin Quan Research Center; President of China Shaolin Wushu University.

Master Shi Xing Jian (Master Bao) is a 32nd Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk from the original Shaolin Temple in Henan province. He is an outstanding martial artist, a national first level coach and successor of Yi Jin Jing.

Master Shi Yan Can (Master Can) Born and raised in Dengfeng (birthplace of Chinese Kung Fu) Master Can is a 34th gerneration warrior monk of the Shaolin Temple. He has been practicing wushu since 1999.

Master Zhang Chaojie The master of traditional fist and Qi Gong started to learn traditional Chinese Kung Fu from his father at a very young age. He has been doing martial arts for over 20 years. He is a traditional martial artist with high moralities and a friendly personality, who has been teaching traditional kung fu for over 10 years.

Second: Fighting techniques of white tiger kung fu style:
Bok Fu is an external martial arts system incorporating primarily Kenpo and Kung Fu fighting styles. Bok Fu translates to “White Tiger.” The white tiger is a rare and aggressive animal that exemplifies the system's fighting mentality. Upon observing a white tiger in India, the founder of the system, Richard Lee Couvelier, adopted the Chinese translation of Bok-Fu for the name of his style of martial arts ,which had been passed down over many generations, under many names, from Shaolin, by way of Japan.

Bok Fu is an aggressive external martial arts system. It combines the 5 animals of Shaolin – Tiger, Crane, Panther, Snake, and Dragon – with Kenpo Karate and Shotokan. The training progresses from hard Japanese Shotokan movements, to hard/soft Japanese Kenpo style movements, to fluid soft style Kung Fu movements - each with the mentality of the Tiger.

Sample of deadly strikes of tiger kung fu:

But the question will be; is the tiger kung fu still valid to be applied in the real fighting combats??
I think It will be always found in the real fighting situations as a very aggressive fighting style, this video show you how to applay some tiger techniques.

Also you can learn from shaolin tiger kung fu how to apply and utilize fighting techniques in real situations to defend yourself.

If you want to learn tiger kung fu online you can download some tiger style books available in the internet but beware of dangerous skills on your body, before learning to fight with tiger fighting techniques you need first to train your fingers and make them strong enough to fight with them, also train your arms to attain aggressive implementation of tiger skills.

Learn tiger kung fu in USA tiger schools:
many schools of kung fu around united states offers programs and classes to teach tiger fighting kung fu style, here is;
The list of top 10 tiger kung fu clubs in united states:
  1. White Tiger Kung Fu
    6904 Miramar Rd #206, San Diego, CA ‎
    (858) 695-1640 ‎ · whitetigerworld.com
    "An amazing school with awesome instructors!! I couldn't imagine training anywhere else!! White Tiger Kung Fu has taught me what I consider to be a ..." -
  2. Ten Tigers Kung Fu Academy
    725 E Jericho Turnpike, Huntington Sta, NY ‎
    (631) 351-1556 ‎ · ten-tigers.com
    "Rik Kellerman's TEN TIGERS KUNG-FU ACADEMY is one of the only schools outside of Chinatown to teach authentic traditional Kung-Fu. Emphasis is on ..." - ten-tigers.com
  3. Tiger Crane Kung Fu
    1733 E Los Angeles Ave, Simi Valley, CA ‎
    (805) 341-4696 ‎ · tigercrane.net
    tai chi · hung gar · art training
    "The way he teaches you he walks you on all the concepts until you master every movement. I highly recommend Tiger Crane Kung Fu Simi Valley for anyone ..." -
  4. King Tiger Martial Arts
    3300 Holland Rd #1110, Virginia Beach, VA ‎
    (757) 468-8889 ‎ · kingtigermartialarts.com
    develop confidence · little ninjas · tai chi · self defense
    "One of the best martial arts schools in Virginia Beach, Virginia, King Tiger Martial Arts teaches Hapkido and Taekwondo to kids and adults, ..." - kingtigermartialarts.com
  5. King Tiger Martial Arts
    565 Cedar Rd #11, Chesapeake, VA ‎
    Cedar Lakes Shopping Center
    (757) 410-4999 ‎ · chesapeakevamartialarts.com
    tai chi classes · leadership skills · self esteem · fitness level · jiu jitsu
    "King Tiger Martial Arts, located in Chesapeake, VA, has been teaching martial arts, self defense, and fitness classes since 1993. Our holistic approach ..." - chesapeakevamartialarts.com
  7. Red Tiger Taekwon-Do
    1912 Welsh Rd, Philadelphia, PA ‎
    (215) 969-9962 ‎ · red-tiger.com
    "Teaches in the Philadelphia area. Contains school information.Official Website of Red Tiger Taekwon-Do, an ITF certified TKD school located in Philadelphia, ..." - red-tiger.com
  8. Tiger's Den Martial Arts & Fitness
    915 Oakgrove Dr, Houston, TX ‎
    (281) 480-2222 ‎ · tigersdenmartialarts.com
    summer camp · kick boxing · shotokan · ju jitsu
    "Offering Workshops like Bully Prevention for school-age children and Kid Safety Seminars is a must for all families. We will teach your child how to avoid ..." - tigersdenmartialarts.com
  9. Tiger Cho's Taekwondo Center
    525 N Telephone Rd, Moore, OK ‎
    (405) 799-0555 ‎ · tigerchos.com
    "I cannot even begin to list the owner/instructor, "Tiger Cho's" credentials and accomplishments! No doubt there is no one more experienced or qualified ..." -
  10. Royal Tiger Academy
    5440 Atlantic Springs Rd #101, Raleigh, NC ‎
    (919) 917-4563 ‎ · royaltigeracademy.com
    triangle area · mixed martial arts school · summer camps · martial arts training
    "I feel very blessed this school here ! Both my daughter and son were bullied at school a lot ! Now, that I found ROYAL Tiger Academy, my kids are more ..." -
  11. Authentic White Tiger Kung Fu
    2800 Village Pkwy #710, Highland Village, TX ‎
    (972) 510-9723 ‎ · whitetigerworld.com
    "It is dedicated to teaching authentic White Tiger Kung Fu in its original form, to producing highly skilled martial artists and to certifying only the most ..." - whitetigerworld.com.
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