10 steps to Learn kung fu online with free lessons for beginners

Train the Kung Fu every day to become stronger day after day
Kung Fu is the best martial arts, at least in my view, as a person exercised a lot of martial arts, the spectrum has helped me to identify the style and the way each combat and fighting strategies in each martial art.
learn kung fu at home sample stuffIf you decide to learn kung fu I think you are starting to take the right path towards the best way to defend yourself against harassing you on the street, but please do not use kung fu against your friends in school and I warn you also that you use against your sisters or brothers at home or who are younger than you are.
Because kung fu martial arts and all MA styles been invented to go out where all the internal energy stored inside you, which leads to the accumulation negative effects on the way you interacted with people and the way of discharging your duties daily.

Kung Fu practice helps you improve style of interaction with people and helps you to spend your day and you are relieved of the body and clear the mind.

How to learn kung fu at home without paying any cents?
First: you must know that martial arts should be exercised under the supervision of a teacher of martial arts professional and an expert on how the treatment and training of trainees in all ages and knows how to train the bodies of the players, is also know to train their minds and take out the best in them, thus he have achieved the goal of martial arts correctly.

Second: to learn kung fu of free books or other free stuff that are everywhere on the Internet, some of these books distributed illegally, but you can purchase, there are great references to Kung Fu cheap and bear fruit as well and deliver you valuable kung fu lessons.

Third: We must know very well that you should learn the technical basics and strategic kicking using the legs and punching using hands and learn the types of fists in Kung Fu also must take strong idea about the beginnings of kung fu and how to deal with every style in kung fu, because each style needs to be a way specific and consists of various steps and stances for the other method or style in kung, for example styles that originated in northern China relies on kicking legs more than a fist punching and vice versa in styles that originated in southern China, such as Foshan the Chinese city of martial arts.

Fourth: Read firstly well for each style of kung fu and know very well the way that suits your potential physical and mental capabilities, there are those who can not implements some movements, for example, exercise methods in kung fu animal styles that mimic the movements of animals that need to get to a good level of physical resilience to learn kung fu for ways of animals, but if you want to learn an easy way to defend yourself is better for you is Kung fu Sanda or Sando kung fu, which is plain and simple and consists of essential Kung Fu kicking, punching and movements , and if you want to exercise a kung fu style strengthens the Respiratory way and make your breath a long and it helps to relax  your body muscles and nerves; Tai Chi kung fu is the best technique of Kong fu for you to learn and exercised at any time.

Fifth: I advise you to look for some videos published by some of the players and lovers of martial arts and many of them on YouTube, for example, videos on YouTube explaining how the good performance of the movements and the proper steps to implement the martial arts movements.

V.: Train quietly and continuity because few hold exercises will make you stronger, but not to continue every day in the exercise will make kung fu exercises lose its effectiveness every day and look like you start the first time every time you intend to exercise them.

Sixth: You can post one of your friends or neighbors who trust them to learn together so you can both implementing of collective kung fu exercises and make simulation of a real contact fight.

Seventh: Do not lose your patience if you can not perform some movements because this means that you have to rehearse more to get leniency and flexibility necessary for kung fu training, however kung fu is also not an easy art.

Eighth: I forgot to tell you that you have to "Empty your Cup to start Learn", means you must your mind be cleaned of all the combat movies such films: Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee that you interested in and loved them and affected you because it will hinder your mind on the implementation of the movements; the truth, as some films Represent fighting movements with Visual cinematic tricks, so not everything you see in the movies can Perform on the real world.

IX: Do not Practice Kung Fu or start your daily kung fu lessons after eating directly or rehearse on fighting and you are tired or want to sleep because your body is not equipped to perform martial arts, however if you are not in a good mood may get hurt or may lead art movement the wrong way, which could cost you cuts or bruises or fractures to some members of the body, so be warned.

Tenth: Do not forget to set time each day for exercise, even if half an hour because that makes the body awake whenever it is time training.

Finally, I hope that I gave you some tips that will help you learn kung fu martial arts alone at home without a teacher and free.

Please, communicate with me if you can not perform some kung fu combat movements to prevent to hurt yourself .

I wish you luck and to meet with the next lesson.
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