The difference between kung fu and wushu

Some of the points mentioned by Master Wong Kew Kate
The difference between kung fu and wushu

There is a lot of confusion between kung fu and wushu. The main reasons are that in the Chinese language the current technical term for martial arts Wushu is despite the fact that many Chinese, especially overseas Chinese call it Kung Fu is also a term usually used in the West.
kung fu Vs wu su
Second since 1970 the government changed the Chinese wushu martial arts to sports. Today there are many trainers wushu Chinese and non-Chinese train these sports all around the world.

Thirdly some kung fu schools located outside China before the invention of modern Wushu in China; learn now modern wushu beside traditional kung fu. Traditional kung fu in these schools are generally low and are frequently without inner strength training and fighting. In essence there is not much difference between kung fu and wushu. The difference is in appearance a mixture of forms in Kung Fu means traditional forms and in wushu means modern forms which was invented in the seventies.

Apart from these three points, There is another side and can be very sensitive, a kung fu is the martial arts. So if the person practiced kung fu forms that differ from traditional forms of modern Wushu does not know how to use them in combat really Kung Fu Although the majority call it kung fu, even if it is devoid of any application for self-defense.

Sometimes I use the term Kung Fu to distinguish between the real kung fu capable of applying kung fu fighting and others are able to apply the fighting. Also use other terms such as external kung fu gymnastics and kung fu.

Can help this information to overcome the confusion. And help to resolve many of the arguments on the kung fu and wushu., For example, someone might say that Kung Fu Wushu and strongly objected to someone else both people on the right. The first person to say from the perspective that the word kung fu is Chinese Wushu. While defending the second person from the perspective of that kung fu is a martial arts and sports but wushu.

One might argue that what is practiced kung fu While someone else says they wushu. The first person to argue from the perspective of traditional forms while the other person says although Most viewed different from modern forms of wushu but they do not practice martial Kvnon but as a sport in essence modern Wusu.

MOST day of school exercise only formats. Regardless of whether they knew traditional forms of kung fu or modern forms of wushu only or both Kung Fu traditional and modern forms of wushu together.

Those schools that teach traditional kung fu forms just as well as those that teach traditional kung fu and modern forms of wushu usually self-styled Kung Fu schools. While those that teach modern forms of wushu usually self-styled Wushu schools.

If you are exercising most Most viewed and exercises. Regardless of how much time I trained them how beautiful it may be your performance. Regardless of whether they are traditional forms of kung fu or modern forms of wushu. Will not be able to defend yourself if you do not learn fighting .This is the standard. In my opinion it certainly is not the correct way to learn kung fu martial Kvnon ... (learn how to defend yourself).

Anyone Whether Master or tyro If you do not learn how to fight will not be able to fight effectively This is logical.
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