kung fu fighting techniques

communication on the opponent's stick. Enjoy a series of these things: sensitivity, control, etc. Detection provides 

Effort, to feel your opponent's next move, before or as is. You can do this either physically or as predicted.  

Efforts to protect. Of each technique to add transition into any other power must flow. Also competing in the same manner with the flow of movement is needed.  

Close to your opponent. When exposed to the attacks against their cross-effective so that this can not be easily attacked.  

Where possible, the opponent's ties with its members. An extension of this fence, but may also include multiple Qinna and members.  

Keep your opponent off balance sheet. Control your opponent and beat them nearly to their balance (both physical and mental) is a must to play.  

Be what you want your opponent to do certain actions, making them attractive to look only look to the openings.  

If possible, they are prepared when you begin, to beat them to attack. Reason for them to complete their attack, or approaching, I saw the preparations for it in the first place to expect to run?  

Each time you press the opponent, judge. the situation is under control, do not let up. (A successful attack after the sudden stop.) Is
Sometimes your opponent, it is better to go with the movement path at least. In this way, their drive, intention, and pleasure / or their focus and take over.  

And their use to produce energy to extend the opening, pushing you to many places to stop. Basically when you add what you can do, hit them with big things in the world's environment. 

Diet, weight and ability to use their contract to add. This is equivalent to and completed for the opening.  

Use the power of the rotation of the hips and legs. Techniques used to add strength to this option and your opponent can use to distribute.  

Sinking Elbows
, Keep the elbow relaxed and sank down. Use this option to add the power of technique and medium and high coverage provides extra protection for the door.  

Use footwork to give you an edge. Often, this step out of line means to close competitors and gives an effective goal.  

Enjoy your opponent's timing and so refined that you can not do the same thing. We must remain alert to this practice and maximum comfort. Respiratory
To add your own actions and strikes the opponent's power to absorb, use breathing patterns. Based on the timing and coordination of the relief and social levels are maintained. Synthesis
Combining practices, attitudes and tactics to improve your fighting abilities. Alone a single policy or action, do not even connected to work more in order. Combine them.

Again, this should have only the most basic tactics. Every style and adding their own improvements and counters
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