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 Kung Fu between truth and fiction
Is one of the Wu Su arts and Chinese boxing, which derived from ancient Chinese boxing.. This was the first sport since about 2698 BC, leading to a series of simple exercises that slim by monks in the temples in order to maintain the health and safety of the body and vital organs of the prevention of diseases, and increase the capacity for reflection and thinking the exact understanding of spirituality and science assets of worship and religious rites .
chinese kung fu basics, kung fu martial arts techniques, kung fu shaolin history, movie kung fu fightingHow Kung fu styles (Animals movements) Started ?

When the monk Dama or Darma had lasted for the first time in China in 526 AD and remained in seclusion for a period of 9 years of meditation and worship in order to put the book contains nearly 2000 exercise in order to obtain physical and mental purity to help his students to continue to focus and mental endurance and the ability to self-defense by the potential of the body and the natural weapons, especially after they complained to his disciples some of the monks who taught him to master Buddhism they have been trouble for some of the bandits when they were walking away from free rounds of the temple, he went to learn the arts of offensive movements of the ferocious animals, reptiles and birds of prey the deadly side of Shaolin Boxing and when the monk of a blend of such movements, known as the (Kung Fu), which imitate copycat-like voices of the animals during the eradication.
Kung Fu ,best game for self-defense skills:
chinese kung fu basics ,kung fu martial arts, techniques kung fu, shaolin history ,movie, kung fu fighting jpgKung Fu game for defensive and offensive aimed at self-defense without a weapon, require well-trained and highly skilled
Dating back to about four thousand years, as defined by the ancient Chinese people
This game assets and ethics can not only master a continuous exercise involving a lot of wisdom and high moral character, and calls for the rejection of hatred and the spirit of aggression and a tribute to his opponent before and after the game because it is evidence of respect and a symbol of strength and self-confidence and is based Sports on stopping strikes of the opponent and weaken the strength and absorption attacks to prepare for the attacks and strikes as the defense here is a preparatory phase of the attack, which targeted specific places in the body and function of the discount and require the skill of this stage in order to avoid strikes elusive adversary and then move him to repel the attack through
Punches and strikes against him and avoided before the strikes start to the sensitive points in the body of the attacker, using the fists
Closed, open, legs, and utilities.
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