Kung Fu Fighting

Players must greating the master by doing this sign with standing straight in front of him.

Kung-fu, which is designed to find mother-nature. Kung-fu masters in their and understanding of control methods for the study of their surroundings. Many styles of Kung Fu accepted the habit of animals, birds and even insects. Chinese philosophy and religion, which helped develop Kung Fu. Kung Fu created the master inventory of equipment that will enable them to continue the journey in life with balance, elegance, confidence and strength of spirit body
During the long history, Kung Fu has developed a unique combination of physical, practical self-defense, self-discipline and art. Many believe that Kung Fu is a term that describes the military as an art Taekwondo, judo and Aikido.
Indeed, Kung Fu, a general term that includes hundreds of styles of Chinese martial arts. Kung-fu style, as long First Eagle nails, and when Taiji. Some people consider as one of Kung Fu Karate style soft compared with other driving style. This is not true. The fact is, any style of Kung Fu, including hard and soft methods. In addition, many believe that is the style of Kung Fu and Taiji When the interior style.
Although most of the Kung Fu style to emphasize the external growth, all the style of Kung Fu include internal and external. Kung-fu is better than the various forms of physical activity and improve health and fitness. In swimming, running, and Karate, for example, the reduction in industry capacity, as more and more old, but in Kung Fu has been developed.
The reason is that the Kung Fu for years, is important in increasing the capacity of the energy and spirit. Kung Fu practices, the report will be cuter and vitality in work and play well from the community, and the calm and clarity of thinking, even in difficult situations. Many studies show that parents who exercise live longer in hospital than not.
There are many types of Kung Fu. There are literally hundreds of styles of Kung Fu. Kung-fu is failing because of the internal style, style, style of hard, soft style, in the northern part of China if fu and the southern Chinese Kung Fu. But the tone is always hard on the outside and soft style is still in style. Northern style is usually more detailed information about the distance, and fighting in the southern countries tend to be closer to the opponent. Karate South has become a style of Kung Fu. Kung Fu northern China suffer the most, and art is more sportish while South Kung Fu hand method
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