Different kung fu styles and chinese martial arts techniques

Learn Chinese martial arts is so easy when you know the suitable fighting style to train it
kung fu style of 5 animal shaolin warrior styleKung fu or gōngfu is he trivial name of Chinese martial arts and some writing form type it wusu (Chinese term wǔshù in simplified Chinese) these Chinese martial arts are consists of different fighting styles that born in china and it is classified into three main Schools of Chinese martial arts and contain many types of kung fu wusu and self defense styles:
First: the five (5) Animals fighting system; these styles are temple derived from animals mimicry and stances of fighting at wild this five animals styles derived from fighting techniques of Snake, Tiger claw, dragon, Leopard and Monkey animal (by Kou Sze in the late 1800s in China) beside other animal kung fu styles like crane kung fu, Praying Mantis kung fu and some rare kung fu styles like Lion, Panda and 10,000 bee technique that depends on animal-related works like the fish gate style, which features movements based on the way fishermen cast their nets (also a sholin-temple style).

most of Animal fighting styles is developed in the shaolin temple, the temple of original Chinese Martial arts , sometime called Warrior style.
Second school of Chinese martial arts: kung fu styles that focus on chineses philosophies of internal energy (Qigong or Qi) of Martial artist called (Chinese term; nèijiāquán); however it is non temple styles because it developed outside the Shaolin temple, Qi related styles like Taichi chwan (tai chi quan) which found by Monks Of Wudung Temple,the Place of Original Internal Martial arts styles.
Third school of kung fu styles is Geographical association styles; However it devided to northern kung fu styles(chinese term;běiquán) and southern kung fu styles(chinese term;nánquán); both focus on muscular fitness of martial artist body.
Southern Chinese martial arts examples; miao quan style which concentrates on combative techniques and has powerful Fajing, Kung Fu San Soo is another southern kung fu style which based on the 5 Family Fist style,san soo kung fu style is a common sense martial art because its philosophy depends on that there are no rules in any fight, another example the kung fu style called Mok Gar, Mok Gar is Southern Shaolin Fist hought to be originated from Mo Family:mandarian, however Mok Gar style includes Kicks unlike other Southern kung fu styles ,
Special stances include:
Mu Ren Chan: Wooden Man Stance
Pian Shen Ma: Deflecting Stance
FORMS are said to include:
Zhong Quan (Mok’s basics “seed” form)
Lau Gar Kuen a “borrowed” form from the Lau Family style
Lian Tui Quan (Practice Leg Form)
Some of the kicks from this style include:
Guo Men Jiao: Pass the Gate Kick
Zhi Jie Ce Jiao: Direct Side Kick
She Jiao: Absorbing Kick
Pao Jiao: Hurling Kick
Northern kung fu styles school including style called Bājíquán (Chinese term: Bājíquán) its full name is (kai men baji quan) and means "open-gate eight-extremities fist" styl developed in north china and focus on short range combat and Characterized by elbow strikes.
Another example of northern chinese martial arts styles is mian quan (translate to Cotton Fist) it depends mainly on grappling and short range attack and only using punches and kicks and save the balance of body.
Shaolin kung fu styles and aggressive arts of kungfu.
Kung fu styles developed in Shaolin temple and the History of Chinese martial arts: Kung fu basic techniques was born at shaolin temple to creating new Buddhist lore for Shaolin Monks around year 610-621 CE, from that date the Monks Practice kung fu Marial arts as one of the duties of everyday life, then shaolin temple become the Largest and important kung fu school around world to whom want learn kung fu styles.
Panda martial arts: Panda kung fu styles appear as movies sign in 2008 American computer-animated martial arts-action-comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Paramount Pictures. It was directed by John Wayne Stevenson and Mark Osborne and produced by Melissa Cobb, and stars the voice of Jack Black along with Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Ian McShane, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu, David Cross, Randall Duk Kim, James Hong, Dan Fogler, Michael Clarke Duncan and Jackie Chan. With anthropomorphic sounds of animal, it tells the ancient secrets story of practicing kung fu fighting techniques, the master want to build the kung fu panda warrior to defeat the village style of Tiger. Some stores have kung fu panda dummy to perform your kung fu training by it.
Abstract :
The Chinese Martial arts is concerned by both body and sole fitness,Chinese kung fu has tens of amazing and aggressive styles like that developed in shaolin temple by Monks, other styles founded or developed by Great Masters like Yip man the developer of Wing Chun kung fu, to learn kung fu please choose good Kung fu Master.
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