How to learn tiger style kung fu techniques at home by videos

Basically Tiger style can refer to several different styles/style sections. There is no one "Tiger style". There are white tiger style and Black tiger style kung fu, show (Hei hu quan and Bok Fu). As mentioned before that early masters recognized that animals were superior fighters and developed fighting styles that mimicked the movements and attitudes of the animal. The dance-like movements appear graceful on the surface, but can be deadly during a confrontation. The animal's elegance and grace is matched only by its efficient ferocity. Animal style practitioners are quick, deceptive and are taught to end a fight almost instantly, usually either maiming or killing the opponent.

The Fire and Water student may pursue Praying Mantis, Tiger, Eagle, Snake, Bear, Monkey, Crane and Dragon. Students will receive practical fighting / sparring experience in both empty hand (controlled) and gloved (full contact) bouts.

In both tiger styles you must start of with the basics (kicking, punching, bow and arrow stance, horse stance, bow and arrow and horse stance combos. And then after that the school will put you to handset training, Handset training is learning the forms and different animal styles.

Tiger style kung fu has a very special method of fighting such as to make our hand like claws and from there was taught very complex techniques to attack the throat, gabbing techniques, as well as scratching.

Actually you don't have to literally imitate a tiger in order to learn tiger style kung fu. The predatory skills which makes a tiger such an effective predator is what a practitioner of the tiger style would want to translate into combat in order for him/her to become a powerful fighter. Attributes of the tiger, such as its ability to instill fear into its prey, its fearless spirit, its tremendous speed when attacking, its aggression not of evasion, emphasizing overwhelming force, simplicity & directness in attacking, its effective camouflage, its surprise attacks on its prey, its powerful strikes, are what a practitioner of the tiger style should emulate, . So, given the attributes of a tiger, a practitioner ought to have a heart of a warrior, his legs should be developed so just like a tiger he/she would be fast when attacking the opponent, would have strong legs for stability in his/her stances and could deliver devastating kicks and sweeps. His/her arms, fists and hands should be developed so that his punching, clawing and grabbing techniques would be powerful and effective. The tiger's camouflage and its ability to catch its prey off guard is to be translated as a fighter's ability not to telegraph his/her attack and the ability to bait the opponent into a trap.
From: Interviews of Mr. Enielo Jubac in Rapid Journal.

I want a school to learn tiger kung fu fighting:
You have to find a school that teaches it. A lot of kung fu styles have tiger forms - hung gar, Shaolin five animal fist, choy li fut...all utilize tiger and that's only 3. There are other styles that focus on tiger and nothing else, like fu jow pai, bak fu pai, and Shandong black tiger.

Most martial art kung fu schools now a days dont specifically train just tiger style. A good kung fu school will have varies animal styles 5 or more.

Most schools won't teach just the Tiger Boxing. They will incorporate it into another style, such as Hung Gar or the Five Animals Style. I'm not saying that there aren't schools out there or that the teacher won't offer to teach you that style only, but it is a challenge to find one.

My advice would be to interview each school that you look up and ask them very specific questions on the subject of learning Tiger Boxing. Styles like White Tiger more than likely won't be found over here. Black Tiger and Tiger Claw are the most prevalent here in the United States.

Tiger style kung fu Programs in united states:
There is a White Tiger school in the US that has been here for many years. It is Doo Wai's White Tiger Kung Fu. He is a highly respected Master here in the US.  He has a couple of branches in LA. Contact him and ask the locations. There are a few Shantung Black Tiger schools too. If you like those styles, you might want to look at Bak Mei as it is similar to White Tiger.

Is Cat style kung fu a form of tiger kung fy styles?
Some martial arts fans thought that there is a cat style kung fu or a fighting style is a cat-like kung fu, the Hsing Yi has a "Cat Form" as I mentioned in another topic about xingyiquan kung fu, and jackie chan emulate a cat-like techniques in his old movie about "jackie chan the Snake in the shadow of cat claw".

Video 1 show Tiger stances video.
Videos 2 learn you how to do Tiger style kung fu applications.
Video 3 is a short show of 5 animals system of shaolin kung fu including tiger claw.

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