Shaolin monk kung fu training methods and videos

Show you the methods and techniques that the monks of Shaolin temple training based on:

Shaolin monks can take different forms. Not all monks that you see in and around the temple is a brilliant warrior. A Shaolin monk is simply a monk. They follow the life of a Buddhist monk. This is the key. They give their lives to their religion, according to strict rules, including celibacy, abstaining from meat and alcohol. Traditionally, the monks would be given a bowl to beg for food that one of the rules was to accept what has been given.
Shaolin training! You can train like a Shaolin monk. Since the Shaolin Temple and its history of technical training techniques and tips, this site contains everything you need to succeed in your training, as well as advice on how to train Shaolin Kung Fu in China.
Schools will advertise that they have 31st generation Shaolin monks teaching. What they actually mean is that they have masters who were taught by a 30th generation monk, or lay monk.

Basics techniques od Shaolin Monks:
Simple stances of shaolin Monks:
Ma Bu (Horse Stance)
Gong Bu (Bow Stance)
Pu Bu (Sliding Stance)
Cat Stance
Twisting stance

Simple Diet of Shaolin Monks when training kung fu 
Academies throughout China, but will serve meat (often not much)
The less you eat, the more energy you will have already better you will feel.
If you are training in China, you'll probably want a shipment of white rice. Rice, while not being terrible for you, fill you up and make you drowsy. Also it releases energy quickly enough if you have a break for two or three hours, it would have been a large part of the energy released before resuming training.
To rubble. Aimed at least one meal of raw food today, preferably a last meal. It is ideal for Qigong and raw food that will help to increase flexibility.

Shaolin Monk kung fu training Book
American Shaolin: Flying Kicks, Buddhist Monks, and the Legend of Iron Crotch: An Odyssey in the New China American Shaolin and read it straight through. It first class. Poly book tells more about what is happening in China and more ideas to the fact that everything in China in recent years. This is the reality of life the fascinating story with deep back titles observations about Chinese life. A tip of the hat to Matthew Polly
book of American Shaolin training: Flying Kicks, Buddhist Monks, and the Legend of Iron Crotch: An Odyssey in the New China 

Some Historical data about shaolin temple and Shaolin Monks
According to the Jingde of the Lamp, after Bodhidharma, a Buddhist monk from South India, left the court of the Liang emperor Wu in 527, he eventually found himself at the Shaolin Monastery, where he “faced a wall for nine years, not speaking for the entire time”.
According to the Yì Jīn Jīng,
When the monks opened this chest they found two books: the “Marrow Cleansing Classic,” and the “Muscle Tendon Change Classic”, or "Yi Jin Jing" within. The first book was taken by Bodhidharma's disciple Huike, and disappeared; as for the second, the monks selfishly coveted it, practicing the skills therein, falling into heterodox ways, and losing the correct purpose of cultivating the Real. The Shaolin monks have made some fame for themselves through their fighting skill; this is all due to their possession of this manuscript

the monks historically worshiped the Bodhisattva Vajrapani's "Kimnara King" form as the progenitor of their staff and bare hand fighting styles.
Chinese monks practiced martial arts prior to the establishment of the Shaolin Monastery in 497

Monks came from the ranks of the population among whom the martial arts were widely practiced before the introduction of Buddhism.
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