No Gi grappling Vs Boxing and MMA, how to choose MA classes?

The complete program to follow when attend no gi grappling classes is to combine with a boxing class and may be fitness gym as well, but this program could take your time and efforts, so let’s explain the whole process before trying of any:
First you should decide whether Self defense/violence situation/street fighting/UFC competitions are what you are seeking for or just want to emphasis your health and not training martial arts, it is up to you.

Boxing techniques
depends mainly on punches, so I think if the main target to learn a martial art is to use it in self defense and protecting yourself from street fighters, the boxing techniques is enough to defend the bullies.
There are some really great and exciting boxers out there who tend to be in better shape than most martial artists.
mma vs no gi bjj grappling vs kung fu sanchou sanda vs boxing

What about MMA combination?
  1. MMA goes against moving the hips too much as the stance leaves you a little open from attack of kicks.
  2. Cover the board: MMA classes usually cover a broad range of arts in a shorter time period, so it is less than a year and you can gain abilities and viable skills to for fighting in many situations.
  3. The age: I think it is No doubt to start martial arts class at any age, and for what is the best age to compete in MMA fights I think that there is age not a factor in almost all martial arts as I think, for example you can see the previous month at UFC 109 the oldest competitor on the roster, 46 year old Randy Couture took on the second oldest, 45 year old Mark Coleman in the headline bout. On the same card retirement was a distinct possibility for the loser of the Matt Serra Vs Frank Trigg bout, two ‘veterans’ with a combined age of 73.Also, the average age of the fighters currently competing in the UFC is 29.5 years old.
The most common age is 28.
The youngest competitor is Rory Macdonald who is just 20 years of age.
The oldest competitor is Randy Couture at 46 years old.
In the Heavyweight UFC; Oldest Fighter: Anthony Perosh and he is 37 years old and the Champion of 2010 was Brock Lesnar and he was 32 Yo, and in the heavyweight division an overwhelming majority of 74% are 3o or over. and in the Light-heavyweight Oldest Fighter: Randy Couture at 46 years old
And I think that you can practice MMA with/without need to compete in UFC’

Comparing the reviews between Boxing and MMA and No-gis grappling
  1. Most people think Boxers could beat most MMA fighters in a fight, one punch from these boxers with a clear blow would be a finisher and they are usually very fast (Mike Tyson could dish out 4 punches every second) at dishing these punch's out. Although as soon as the Boxer loses range and balance the MMA would have the advantage. Bruce Lee Himself said that Punches were for the win and Kicking was for the croud. I watched a lot of violence scenes from Bruce lee’s movies and approx. all fights are punches and kicks and rarely using grappling.
  2. Boxing involves a lot of movement and rotation of the hips with your footwork to build power of moves; If you know how to move well and box well; MMA with boxing will definitely help
  3. MMA is a mix of kicking, punching and grappling. It takes aspects from JuJitsu Combat  and Muay Thai mostly with some punching, the mix of styles and fighters you see. One may be a masterful striker, while the other excels at grappling, and the amount of strategy used to get the win is what keeps me interested, With boxing you only get punching with those big gloves but with MMA you get way more action. Punching, kicking, submissions. It’s got something for everyone and is probably the reason boxing isn’t nearly as popular as it once was. Way more styles in MMA so when the fighters go up against different people its more entertaining to see what they will actually do to counter that style., I want to mention that the gloves is to save peoples lives, if these guys fought bare fisted they'd kill each other. Plus, the Gloves don't offer too much protection, David haye broke his hand in the first couple of minutes fighting the 7ft1 Beast from the east Nikolai Valuev, yet he still fought all 12 Rounds and ended up winning - punching with a broken hand.
I think I can help you to choose:
  1. General fighting situations: Most people are fighting with fists in schools or bars or crowd…, so the Boxing is a common fighting style, because boxing decrease the time used to start fighting and doesn’t require a short distance or long distance to begin the moves, then most fights ends with ground grappling, so that we see that all natural fights uses Boxing techniques then ground grappling or submission, so if you the kind of that, Boxing and No-Gi grappling is the best combination of martial arts styles.
  2. Broad fighting situations: Some people may love to learn many situation, so that when depends on the situation; ground fights like to use JuJitsu Combat , and if it a Close fight, boxing is suitable solution, but with Longer distance fighting Taekwondo (tkd) will be fast way since TKD depending mainly on kicking moves, where Taekwondo is almost entirely kicking and works strongly on the legs.
  3. combining many classes to improve your fighting skills are too expensive to take classes in Boxing and another class in grappling and another class in stretching techniques, As you have the Time and money to spend every thing could be great!, but if you have to work for a living, training-competing cost a lot of money, travel-food-hotels ect..., The burdens of life may be an obstacle in order to practice the martial arts with various styles as well as you cannot engaged in many martial arts classes for the same reasons and people with old ages also may find the same obstacles.
So MMA or kung fu the Sanda style is enough to combine all fighting and sparring techniques either in real fight at streets or in competitions, and no need to additional classes in gym or boxing or even No-gis grappling (BJJ) 

No-Gi is: the form of competition and training that does not use a "jacket", "gi," or "combat kimono," often worn with belts that establish rank by color, may be called “Submission wrestling, as submission fighting, submission grappling, submission wrestling, sport grappling, or simply as No-Gi”.

No gi grappling is focusing on clinch and ground fighting with the aim of obtaining a submission using submission holds, in MMA grappling techniques sometimes called submission wrestling to refer to mixed martial arts competition skills that are submission wrestling skills used to defeat an opponent, Brazilian jiu jitsu is the a No-Gi grappling martial art.
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