Dragon style Kung fu

The ancient Legend of Dragon
In Old China; Dragon is Legendary Animal which imagined to be have the forms of many Chinese animals, Dragon represents ancient legend about the elements that make up everything in the world: earth, water, air and fire. The ancients gave Dragon imagination and great power.
For Example: Taoists believe in the Dragon as a symbol of the Tao itself and they were saying that the Dragon himself appears only to fade after "the Dragon reveals himself only to vanish." . The monks of the Shaolin Temple believe that the Dragon symbol of enlightened fact that must be felt without being able to touch it. some kung fu Styles have the imagination of Dragon style kung fu like the wing chun kung fu style. There are many Legends around Dragon itself like the Legend of Silver Dragon or Black Dragon, even there is the Myth of Laughing Dragon, In any case dragon can spit fire out of his mouth.

Dragon Kung fu History:
Historically Dragon Kung fu Style southern transmitted orally rather than by text, so it's probably never be known assets in its entirety. The modern history of Dragon Kung fu Style track reliably return to Daai monk Yuk Sim Si, who was abbot of Wa Sao Toe (white hair) Temple Mount WVU. There are no reliable records of style before it existed, although there was a lot of speculation on this subject.
Southern Kung fu Dragon style kung fuhas its roots in the Haka Quinn, a mix of local methods for heart Hakka eastern Guangdong Interior with style and handsome JC monk sin taught in Guangdong and neighboring Fujian province in the 18th century.
North Dong Jiang in northwest Bóluó (博罗) County in the state of Huizhou in Guangdong Province is sacred mountain Luófúshān. Luófúshān is the site of many temples, including the just wa where Sao, c. 1900, to study (Zain) Chan Yuk Master named Daai Southern Kung fu Dragon Style, Lam Yu Gwai, who in turn passed the art to many students from his Martial arts school in Guangzhou.
Lam Yu Jeong Chun Gwai and friends leave any of their youth in the region Dong Jiang Huizhou and training partners since a long time and cousins ​​later by marriage. Lam and opened several Martial arts school s Jeong together, and southern style Dragon style kung fuJeong similarities Pak share many Mai.

Basic Movements of Southern Dragon style Kung fu:
"lóng xíng mó qiáo" as pinyin and "long4 ying4 mo1 kiu4" as in Yale Cantonese. anyway that meaning literally "Dragon shape rubbing bridges"

Dragon style kung fu basics
The Southern Dragon Kung Fu practitioner typically attacks with winding low yang; that is, powerful and quick movements. For example, when striking with the fist, more power can be exerted when the movement originates from the feet, is guided by the waist, flows through the body, and exits through the fist. The foot Kicks of Dragon Kung fu style based on Zig-zag movements representing relaxation of the body when practice Dragon kung fu.
Focus to train and condition the body.
Be righteous and uphold your honor.
Respect your parents, honor your teacher.
Treat others with honesty; treat your friends with loyalty.

Dragon style Kung fu techniques
As most of Chinese martial arts, Dragon Kung fu style is one of Southern Kung fu styles which characterized by combat techniques where dependent on short-range battles fighting techniques and this is the focus of the form (Dragon form Lung Ying) in the style of the Kung fu dragon, but the style of Dragon contains many movements fighting techniques with long-range combat or the wide range in the fighting techniques of streets uses the style of Dragon Street Fighting, which require rapid termination of the enemy or killing if necessary.

How to learn Dragon style kung fu and Dragon Form training
Lung Ying also involves training a large amount of iron body training. Stiffness in the forearms and is particularly necessary for the method because it makes intensive use such as them. Depending on the particular Martial arts school to use any of the relatively large group of traditional training methods to tighten the body. Three, five and seven stars and conditioning workouts buckets peas and weighted ropes, sandbags, and hit columns are all common in Martial arts school s Lung Ying. It really can not be separated Lung Ying conditioning methods, work two hand in hand, that you need to each other to be fully effective.

Dragon style Kung fu moves and Dragon forms
Basic Level forms of Dragon Kung fu Style
16 Movements/Holes
Passing Bridge Three Times
Fierce Tiger Leaping Over Wall
Rescue Master From Single Side
Single Sword and Mount
Press and Hit from Four Sides
Eagle Claw
Bridge Smashing
Intermediate Levels forms of Kung fu Dragon style
Touch Bridge (introduces sticking hands)
Venomous Snake Moves Tongue
Hua King's Fist
Standing Five-Form
Cross Standing Five-Form
Turn to Hook and Hit
Five Horses Returning to Stable
Advanced Level of kung fu forms of Dragon style.
Plum Flower Punch
Seven Ways of Plum Flower Punch.

Dragon kung fu Photos
Bruce Lee the Fist of the Dragon
Fire Dragon

Dragon Kung fu Style
Warrior style of Dragon kung fu

Monks of Shaolin Dragon Kung fu Style
The Old Dragon Photo

Dragon Kung fu Style on Youtube :
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For More Dragon style Kung fu downloads Dragon Kung fu style book for download Dragon Style Martial arts Training techniques Shaolin Dragon Kung fu Style (Techniques of Dragon forms) Shaolin Kung fu Dragon Style e-book for download Shaolin Dragon Kung fu fighting Bruce Lee Movie "Enter the Dragon" on sale as DVD video Dragon Kung fu Wisdom: "Control yourself, let others do what they will.This does not mean you are weak.Control your heart, obey the principles of life.This does not mean others are stronger." so it is good to Learn Dragon style kung fu techniques.
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