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The history of Dragon style

has always been transmitted orally rather than by the text, so its origins will probably never experienced in their entirety. Dragon style of modern history can be traced back reliably to the monk Tai Yuk Sim See who was the abbot of Wa Sau Toi (White Hair) temple on Mount Luofu. Unreliable to the origin of the style that existed before, but there are many speculations on the subject.

Dragon style has its roots in Hakka Kuen, a combination of local styles of the Hakka in the heart of eastern Guangdong, with the style that the monk Gee Sim Sim See taught in Guangdong and neighboring Fujian province, in the 1700s [1].

North of Dongjiang in north-west of Bóluó (博罗) County in the prefecture of Huizhou in Guangdong province is the sacred mountain Luófúshān. Luófúshān is the site of many temples, including where Wa Sau Toi, c. 1900, Chan (Zen) master named Tai Yuk Dragon style taught to Lam Yiu-Kwai, who in turn passed the art on the number of students from schools in Guangzhou.

Lam Yiu-Kwai and Cheung Lai Chuen-have been good friends since their youth in the region of Huizhou Dongjiang, longstanding partners of training and, later, the cousins by marriage. Lam Cheung and opened several schools together and Dragon style and style of Bak Mei Cheung share many similarities.

A variant of the Dragon style is taught by Kung Fu Long Choo company based in Penang, Malaysia and Australia, with branches. Founded by Li Ah Yu and his father, near the end of the century, the association claims it is teaching a Soft / Hard Dragon style from Fukkien province.
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