dragon martial arts training techniques

The dragon stylist relies on a variety of fighting techniques that can be used for a wide range of needs. The style uses techniques that can paralyze or kill an opponent if the need arises or it may simply be used to control a small street, the fight against the situation.

Lung Ying (Dragon form) focuses mainly on the powerful, short-range attacks, like the south of China among the styles of kung fu. However, the styles of the use of technical devices and seizure as well as the extensive use of the forearm both offensively and defensively are quite unique to the art. The style was created as an aggressive combat art and operates under the assumption that you try to disable your opponent is to the point that they are no longer a threat in battle, or kill them, even if they are not by any means the only options Lung Ying player. As such Lung Ying employs a large number of techniques to damage the opponent, either through joint or direct manipulation striking; cancel the defenses of the adversary, either by breakage or compromise their position on their guard, and thus their ability to defend, and others. Like most of southern style kung fu, he has limited jumps and kicks and consisted mainly of fist, palm and clawing techniques. Electricity produced from the intaglio hard jin (see neijin and waijin).

Lung Ying training also involves a large amount of iron body training. Hardening forearms in particular, is considered essential for the style because it makes use of them. According to the school while a relatively large pool of traditional training methods will be used to strengthen the body. Three, five and seven stars conditioning exercises, fish buckets, weighted ropes, sandbags, and hitting all the poles are in Lung Ying schools. It is really not possible to separate lung ying from conditioning methods, the two work hand in hand, needing each other to be completely effective.
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