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Basics of The Shaolin Dragon Kung Fu

The Dragon Kung Fu practitioner typically attacks with low liquidation yang, that is powerful and quick movements. For example, when striking with the fist, more power may be exercised where the movement is from the feet, is guided by the size, flows through the body and exits through the fist.

Foot work in Southern Dragon style :

In Southern Dragon style, leg work is characterized by a zigzag movement that mimics the movement of the imaginary mythical Chinese dragon. This will also use a floating and sinking movements which are very important in power generation and stability, which makes your body calm and relaxed.

Although the footwork Lung Ying pool is deep, it generally centers around two basic types of intensification. The first is "Zig Zag" strengthening (strengthening dragon). Basically, each step forward, the back foot moves forward and becomes the front foot. However, the step is not taken directly in front, but results mainly from the angle of the front foot is turned in (about 33 degrees). This has the effect of moving the player LY front and out in a corner, while offering some protection to the groin of the attack. Such reinforcement allows a lung ying player to press his opponent (usually used before the opponent's center was taken), while launching attacks from the angles that are difficult for the opponent to defend. LY The player seems to be constantly moving in a range uncomfortable and at an angle that forces their opponent to reposition their whole body to defend against, or the couple around their torso breaking their structure and disconnect the power machinery of their low body.

The second basic type of Bic Bo intensification is the intensification and strengthening of the press. In this method, the front foot moves forward and back foot behind to return to the basic position. This reinforcement covers less distance than the dragon intensification, and is used to press the opponent. It is often used when the player LY began to support the attack for good or is the operation of certain benefits. There are specific methods for footwork to stretching in various forms. One of the main objectives of the footwork is to keep the player LY "above" their opponent and attacking range. Also, this type of reinforcement is widely used in various methods of fracture position.

Southern Dragon style points

"Control yourself, let others do what they are.
This does not mean you're weak.
Control your heart, respect the principles of life.
This does not mean others are stronger. "

Secrets of Southern Dragon style

* The seeds were planted Haufeng; gasoline was acquired by Haushou
* Prevent the performance itself and for others not because we are weak, but to enforce ethics Tao and let others have their request.

Four Tips of the Dragons

1. Focus for the training and status of the body.
2. Be fair and defend your honor.
3. Respect your parents, honor your teacher.
4. Treat others with honesty, to treat your friends with fidelity.

Dragon style in popular culture

These are all examples of Northern Dragon Style - rather than the aforementioned Southern Dragon (Lung Ying).
Jackie Chan uses the Dragon Style in his movie "Dragon Fist".
In Kung Fu Panda 2 an evil dragon known as Sinlong uses Dragon style.
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