How Long Does it Take to Learn Kung Fu?

I was just watching The Karate Kid...the one with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith :] and it makes me want to learn Kung Fu lol. I was just wondering how long it takes to learn? I wish I could go to China and learn from a real Chinese kung fu fighter! It would be so exciting!

It takes a day to learn Kung Fu, but it takes a Life Time to understand it. What i mean about a day is, in many gyms for Martial Arts, you can learn one move and master it in that one day. 

In 1 week you would have mastered 7 moves like Round house, Jab, Uppercut, Knee strike, etc. 

For a life time, well, it takes a life time to really learn the Martial System as a whole. 

Its not the Length of time you should be asking, its whether you want to train and if there are gyms nearby where you live that teach what you want and preferable under 100 a month for fees. 

There should be some people who teach REAL Kung Fu in the Western world now. People from China. I've met Shaolin Monks here in NZ and a man who was an Assassin for Gangsters too. 

Edit: Like i said before. You can learn some moves in a specific system in a day but not the whole thing. The whole thing will take much longer and there are multiple styles in Kung fu. Kung Fu is the generic word to name Chinese Martial Arts. 
Yes, the otehr answers are just ignorant by saying, "A life time". Well, it takes a life time to learn anything but it takes 5 years to get a 1st dan Learning the 1st set of Whatever that martial art was. 

Even if you are a master you are not done learning.
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