How can I Learn Kung fu Myself?

I would like to learn kung fu (the form that uses quick and swift punches rather than acrobatic movements). I get beat up a lot outside. My parents wont let me learn it saying that it is a bad influence. Any way i could learn it at home?

I don't get beat a lot. just 3 times but badly : broken arm and stuff.. Can anyone provide links to sites or videos to teach techniques and what to do and what not to do?
Follow advice:
 hard work and brains will get you far. Obviously a good class will improve your technique, but you don't need much in class instruction before you can practice what you've learned.

Ed Hart, one of Bruce Lees first students, put in the work and that is how he got good at boxing, before he met Bruce. He literally just took a bunch of bricks, wrapped it in a sack, rolled some carpet around the outside, and used it as a punching bag. He figured if he could just hit really hard and really fast, then that was good enough.

My point is, that instead of looking for the perfect solution, get to work, do something, and if you find a good class someday, then great, if not, at least you practiced something and got better. If you don't have a bag to hit, use weights in your hands, and just do speed chain punches or something.

Other than that, YouTube and dvds can help. Be sure to look into proper form, so you don't hurt your elbows, or hands.

and also, actually fighting should be your last choice because you can go to jail for beating people up. One guy in my circle of classes got jumped by 6 guys, he beat them all up, but went to jail, because one of those guys wasn't actually in the fight. He was just a random guy was standing too close to the fight. You never know what will happen.

Get one of those high quality pepper sprays meant for self defense. It works better than hitting someone, and you get in less trouble for it.
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