How to choose martial arts type, and what is best strategy?

I practiced on Kung fu and Karate and taekowndo, so that I can tell you my advice to best choose what to learn from all the great martial arts variety and for the most effective martial arts teaching Plans for your children from various ages and gender.

I Here I was able to model the simple comparison between the most famous martial arts and the oldest is karate, kung fu, taekwondo

Most experts and players to recommend to their practice martial arts on the following order:
Kung fu, taekwondo, then Carr
And some experts in martial arts may have other opinion’s fill the pillars of the Internet
Of course, many comparisons beween other martial arts will be followed later, be followed…

Now for those 3 detailed comparisons between karate, kung fu, and taekowndo to best choose what type of martial arts should you train it for you and for children

1- kung fu has many fighting styles to choose from, all of them require flexibility and require both strength and flexibility to practice kung fu fighting styles:
Nature style "Tai Chi": Depends on the counter blow strong opponent using movements mimic the power of nature in the serenity and calm, but its interior force and destruction
Boxing style Shaolin Temple monks: depends on a strong and direct strikes that inflict harm and decisive powers applied against opponents

Style of kung fu schools all use weapons like a sword, knife and daggers and sticks along with the use of hands and legs in punching and kicking accurately and efficiently and with great flexibility, strength acquired by Kung Fu trainee with the time to be able to exercise this powerful and difficult movements

You must choose a kung fu school that fit your hobbies and hopes that you want, and
If your body is strong, or you want to strengthen your body and wish to have to punch and kick a strong and decisive, then I advise you by kung fu techniques that rely on the strength and rigidity in the battlefield is the best combat tactics for you

If your body is weak not likely to rehearse on the styles fighting hard like boxing monks of Shaolin or like her, then the style of kung fu appropriate for you is the styles the internal that depend on strengthening the strength the internal and shown to give you the power of apparent in your muscles and bones at the same time enhance trust your strength and your own to be able to employ-power phenomenon in bringing the largest amount of damage to your opponent and win it

Methods that depend on the strength and rigidity and difficult exercise in the Chinese kung fu is like:
Shaolin boxing style, the style of Kung Fu Wing Chen, Sandu Style, and the drunken boxing style in the old Kung Fu

Chinese martial techniques that rely on the strengthening of the internal energy of the body and used to enhance muscle strengths and enhance the confidence of the trainee on Chinese martial arts is like:
Style boxing Nature "Tai Chi", Chi Kung style, the style Pak Wa
I have more reviews of kung fu fighting techniques, look it up.

2-Taekwondo: is an exciting sport and a martial art is also strong
Taekwondo is defined as the method of use of the hands and feet for self-defense.
- Tae section: means the foot.
- Kwon section: express your fist.
- Part Doo: meaning method

Taekwondo rely on more than punches kicks even combat groups in taekwondo called "Boumza" also contain more than punches kicks
Taekwondo also contain a wide range of acrobatic movements such as the flying kicks
Taekowndo is a sport and art of fighting without weapons, and using hands and feet to attack and defense, including the development of the mind and the body.

Taekwondo exercise for the body:
Excellent exercise for children in particular in the growth phase, and an ideal way to help adults to maintain physical fitness, and as the sport requires moving the joints many quick movements and which increases the flexibility of the body in addition to recreation and to get rid of the feelings of anger.

Taekwondo martial art without weapons:
Attack and defense have hands and feet, and which distinguishes the sport and helped to spread is a powerful rapid movements and multiple.
Taekwondo is martial art of the attack, and at the same time focusing on the defensive side, which prompted many people to learn the sport.

Taekwondo as a sport:
And is considered the sport is part of the sports world to take an active role with the Olympics, Games Pan Am and Asian Games, and Pan American Games and Games South American. And wears clothes and protective to limit the damage physical, enjoyment of the game is now easier and less damage.

Taekwondo as educational way:
Taekwondo way to train the body and mind and mental skills until we get a mature personality, training is divided into a lesson in fitness and attack and self-defense.

So that taekowndo is the best martial arts for who want a free style combat, and interested more in acrobatic tactics like in movies of Hollywood actress like bruce lee, Jackie chan, jet lee, and Steven Segal for examples

Taekowndo for children is the best martial arts to grow on it, give kids flexible body along with strengthen their self esteem, I listed many benefits for kid's taekowndo.

Karate: Is the oldest traditional martial arts known and believed that it was born all the other martial arts
Traditional Karate rely on simple kicks and punches and move in the nearby-level fighting or so called short range combat, show full list of karate techniques.
There is no in karate but little flying kicks compared with taekowndo or kung fu
Karate consists mainly of combat groups they call "kata"
Kata consists in Karate of simple movements using the legs and hands and fingers and sometimes the head

Most martial arts practitioners agree that the traditional in Karate does not work in the real battlefields on the streets or in the fight against opponents proficient in martial arts more effectiveness, such as kung fu or taekwondo

Karate techniques for adults is the fastest martial arts in education, where you may take only two years to get a black belt, the highest belt in karate is granted

Karate for kids and boys can be learned as a quick and easy in the fighting, but not actually in real fighting against groups like the rest of the martial arts, as he was a minor in the use of combat weapon.
you can see my recommendation on how to find karate instructor, and how to learn Karate.

Finally I hope it is clear to search and find then choose the best and suited martial arts for you and your children.

Simple strategy to teach martial arts for kids from the age of 4 until the adult age:
Teaching kids martial arts from a young age is the best way to strengthen the bodies of your children and become men in the future are strong physically and have dynamic minds as well as possessing great confidence in themselves reinforce their physical forces

I think Martial arts classes for kids is the long term tactic to build a strong warrior
Children interested in kung fu, taekownod, and Karate spirit able to learn more of traditional fighting techniques of old monks that turn them into great warriors like old martial artists and warriors

Kid classes of martial arts in start stage “young age’s stage”:
usually from the age 4, 5, and 6 years old until the age of 11, 12, or 13 years old
Kids in kung fu classes start to learn acrobatic movements from the age of beginning until the age group where they can carry the difficult exercises for fighting Kung Fu

Kid’s intermediate stage of martial arts classes:
Also may be we call it the “boy stage of martial arts”
Children martial arts intermediate classes have a flexible body and soft muscles can be easily formed
Middle-age stage where children are trained to kicking and punching techniques using simple battle groups of several fighting styles in the most traditional arts such as Kung Fu

Advanced stage to train kids Martial arts:
Starting from the end of the age of childhood, 13 years old or 14 years old and the beginning of puberty and becomes a boy a man of great strong body after that over a period of flexibility and stage teach how to fight, and now after puberty has become a body strong enough to withstand great muscular exercises to train muscles and strengthened to bring out the largest amount of force in the combat use of fighting techniques that have already been learned in the stage of the boy.

More educational strategies to learn martial arts and more teaching techniques of martial arts for kids, boys, girls, and adults will be added frequently follow me…
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