How to Learn Shaolin Kung Fu Fundamental Training by Jwing-Ming Yang

The Needs to best Martial arts course to learn from home will not stop as well as experienced martial arts instructor, so one of the well-known Kung fu shaolin DVDes is one called Shaolin Kung Fu Fundamental Training, that written by sifu Jwing-Ming Yang.

But if you are still not familiar what is shaolin kung fu and what shaolin Monks do with their trainings just go to the live news about shaolin shows that they are traveling the whole world to exposure shaolin culture and training fundamentals IF IT'S death-defying stunts you are after then this spectacle by the Shaolin Warriors promises the kind of action usually seen in effects-laden Hollywood movies.
As Director Stephen Leatherhead said: "there are so many exciting feats. Personally, I'd suggest the 'five spears thrusting the body', a stunt where a warrior is supported in the air with spears. Others include lying on blades, the nail bed, breaking iron bars using the forehead alone, to name just a few."

Shaolin Kung Fu  Fundamentals:
extensive knowledge of Long Fist White Crane Kung Fu (Gongfu)
extensive Kicking techniques in Course 2 is 90 minutes long
applications of the techniques learned by shaolin Monks
Basic techniques and stances of shaolin such as: Hand Drills, Stretching, Walking, Hopping, and Jumping
and the traditional stances of shaolin kung fu such as: horse stance, climbing mountain stance, four-six stance, tame the tiger stance with over 20 hand strikes are taught through the remainder of Course 1 that concludes at around 75 minutes.

and as I said before at a great article you should know how to learn from online educational resources of martial arts so you can be aware of common mistakes that newbie students fall of like Stretching Routines and basic Stances or Proper Alignment and Posture Extensive Punching & Kicking Drills , where I covered a lot of beginners important tips about how and where to learn kung fu and chinese martial arts techniques from online videos and offline by yourself at home; you can show more here

Much more 100 Scene Selections with Narration by voice and camera and multi-language DVD with so much information for each shaolin technique with one-on-one demonstration video guide by kids students training by hitting sand bags with their punches and kicks, Beginners will need it as well as initiates and intermediates, do not forget your copy
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