Find wing chun kung fu schools in chicago

Good Wing Chun schools in the Chicago-land area either city or burbs, first hand information and knowledge of the Sifu's teaching - their reputation, etc. This post for you to learn wing chun kung fu styles that I'm most interested in.

Firstly you must visit a couple of schools near you to see get nearest look on wing chun teachers, I think as many of wing chun kung fu fans that Phil Nearing is the best wing chan teacher in Chicago even he pushing 60 years old and still strong master, He also is very skilled in BJJ earning his belts from Carlson Gracie.
learn kung fu wing chun in chicagoFirst thing visit a couple of schools to see if you like the teacher.
Along with the fact that you only I mean you are the practitioner the fisrt princible of progression in martial arts training because the best teacher for you may not be the best fighter or the one with the most years of study.

Take Wing Chun classes in IL and near of Chicago with the best teacher Phillip Nearing School of Wing Chun - 400 South Green Street,Chicago, IL.

Chicago Fut sao Wing Chun
Training teacher is Sifu Chuck Kennedy
and school is allocated at 4222 N. Milwaukee
New Location is Chicago, IL 60641 USA

Lee's Martial Art Academy
near of 15546 S Cicero Avenue, Oak Forest, IL 60452-3602

Genuine Yip Man Wing Chun School
Sifu Sam Lau help Master Yip Man to teach Intensive & Instructor Course

Ving Tsun Self Defense Academy
Address:1839 S Halsted St, Chicago, IL
Also this school deliver classes for : Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) Kung Fu School
Some Positive review from people tried this school: "I think this dojo would be a beautiful experience if I could train ...” 

The Philip Nearing School of Wing Chun
Located at 400 S Green St # 217, Chicago, IL
Sample review: "Sifu Nearing is a top notch Kung Fu master. He is without a doubt a leading Wing Chun authority and has a meticulous teaching style."

Degerberg Academy
Near of 4717 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL
Offers classes for weight room · mixed martial arts · arts training · jun fan · black belt
Sample review: "mixed martial arts, streetfighting, capoeira, jeet kun do, self defense, kali, arnis, escrima, jujitsu, jun fan, wing chun, savate, kung fu, wrestling."

Chicago Wing Chun Gung Fu school
This place has closed or relocated, and was at 2342 N Spaulding Ave, Chicago, IL
Review from customers: "Chicago Wing Chun Gung Fu club's web site giving class information, general wing chun theory and principles, history of Wing Chun Gung Fu, martial arts ..."

K.S Hyun's Hapkido School
They consider their classes as Martial Art education not Sport with Best Street Self Defense classes.

Some recommendations of wing chun kung fu masters and teachers I found round there:
  1. Wing Chun in North Suburbs Tony Kariotis teaches north of Chicago called Glenview. His website is, He's a bit eccentric but very well experienced and informed. 
  2.  William Cheung Wing Chun in Chicag: I donot know if this school still there or not but anyway Sifu Milan is he teacher and he also a certified personal trainer (which means you won't be getting the lazy man's/woman's wing chun here) and he also teaches Qi Gong which has helped me help to relax, destress and focus better.
  3. Wong Shun Leung lineage. which in my biased opinion, is the best. and proven. 
  4. Amazing collection of  kung fu schools/classes in chicago, PA, WA, and NY Citites added every day at Children Martial Arts Blog
Be carefull of teaching a two dimensional "face slapping" method of wing chun fake teachers. Actually, most kung fu systems suffer from same problem, in that the people teaching them are not genuine instructors.

Notes:Chicago Is the largest city in the US state of Illinois. With nearly 2.7 million residents, , it is the most populous city in the Midwestern United States and the third most populous in the US, after New York City and Los Angeles. Its metropolitan area, sometimes called "Chicagoland," is the third largest in the United States, the largest in the Great Lakes Megalopolis, and the 27th most populous urban agglomeration in the world, with an estimated 9.8 million people in the three US states of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.
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