Master of wing chun (Ip man,the bruce lee's master)

Yip Man : pinyin: Ye Wen, Cantonese Jyutping: jip man, Ip Man,on October 1, 1893 births, and in December, died known , Kai Yip Man was considered the first martial arts master (Chinese: Sifu) to the Chinese martial art of Wing Chun openly teach.He had several students who later became a teacher of martial arts in their own right, including Bruce Lee. He was born in Yip and Ng Shui Oi Dor, and was the third of four children. He grew up in a wealthy family in Foshan, Guangdong, and received an exceptional education TCM. His older brother, Kai Ip Gak. Ip Wan Her older sister May and her younger sister was WAN IP Hum.
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Ip Man original title was controversial. He was challenged when the director Wong Kar-wai's plans for his film IP Man-own with Tony Leung Chiu-wai to 2046 during the filming announced. Wong offered his own biopic titled Man IP The Grand Master , with Leung to play the role of intellectual property. Wong film, were in development hell for several years already announced. Producer Raymond Wong wanted his film Grandmaster Yip Man, with a resemblance to the title of Wong Kar-wai was named for his film wanted to use.

To settle the dispute, Raymond Wong publicly retracted the title of the film, stating that "In fact, all along, we call our film Ip Man, but our mainland investors said that Yip Man was a great master of his time, then we have changed our title to Grandmaster Yip Man, out of respect for him. "In a recent interview, Raymond Wong has shown that the Grand Master who is currently in development.Contribute a better translation
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