Should I Learn Kung Fu in China?

I am 13 a guy and i am in martial arts in america. the traning i am recieving is too easy and my moves are sloppy and weak. i am strong for my age and size and do well in martil arts. after high school i want to go to china and recieve true traning from the real masters. i want to hear any opinions that you have??

 China the best place to learn Kungfu. I would say....probably not. I have met some people good at kungfu in China, mostly it is the their family kungfu. There are only a few kungfu schools in China. Shaolin temple area has many, but they are not shaolin monks. I have met a real Shaolin monk, but not actually in the Shaolin temple (where it is very hard to meet the real Shaolin monks). So I know where to meet a real master (with the real iron head and mystic powers who lives in a cave in a ruined temple giving advice to people...I am not joking). 

Anway, this real Shaolin Monk currently lives in Foshan, the home of Huang Fei Hong (of once upon in time in China and Drunken Master and several other famous kungfu movies....he is so famous he has been played by Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and Jet Li). 

So I would recommend going to Foshan to learn kungfu, as there are many schools there and you can also go up Xiqiao Mountain to look for the monk and beg to be his student (also he grows his own vegetables which are really delicious). Oh, and he also currenly has a 12 year old apprentice who could probably kick your butt no problem. 

For learning Kungfu, there are many aorund the world. I have met many people who go to Korea as they take their Taekwondo very seriously (during a training run, if you finish last in the group people beat you with sticks) or Japan (which I know less about). 

Hong Kong can also be a good place to study. 

The problem with learning Kungfu in the US or any western country is that most people who study it are doing it for fun and exercise. Most real Chinese masters get annoyed with their students lack of discipline. I would suggest shop around and find someone who can is more disciplined. 

But I would also suggest that you are 13, and at your age you will perhaps be a little sloppy. Don't worry, keep working on it and I think you will get better.
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