Tiger style kung fu Vs wusu kung fu styles Vs Boxing

Today I will share with you some videos that prove how could style the tiger method face other methods and other martial arts styles.

National geographic channel recorded a very amazing movie about fighting techniques and included the tiger style as one of those fighting techniques understudy.
The video gives a vision of how the face of an adversary using the the movements of combat in the style of Kung Fu Tiger.
I leave you with this great video:

Second video: show how can a tiger kung fu skilled player who are know how to use the deadly movements of tiger kung fu can face the other skilled kung fu players who are skilled in different style of kung fu.
Next video show you the confrontation of boxing practitioner to tiger kung fu, I think this will answer the question that say "Is tiger kung fu techniques real?"

Finally I try to share with my friends and kung fu fans the Strength and rigidity player the kung fu style, especially Tiger style which I loved him very, and I hope all of you would be able to exercise some quick and impressive moves of the tiger style.
Learn tiger style techniques
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