Learn tiger style kung fu from a book for beginners

Online there are many educational books to teach the old ways in the Chinese martial art of Kung Fu .
Most books and educational films available in the market now does not include Tiger martial arts education only , but there is the so-called education system five animals .
The five animals system is the style was drafted in the Shaolin Temple and includes movements fighting for five animals , including tiger and leopard, crane and snake and dragon too.
It is difficult to find an educational resource for the style of one of the system.
After searching the Internet and found this wonderful work of the teacher of Kung Fu Ke named Paul.
tiger claw
This guy explains how you can rely on the movements of the Tiger in combat fighting and ensure that his explanation of the Tiger style of the other five animals.

Tiger in the Moonlight book by Paul Koh Published by Bo Law Kung Fu Federation in April 2004 under ISBN-10: 0975520105.

Sifu Paul Koh has been training in the art of Chinese Kung Fu for the past twenty-five years, beginning with the instruction he received from Master Tony Lau and culminating with the instruction he received over the past decade from Master Tak Wah Eng, both of whom were superior students of Grandmaster Wai Hong. Under their tutelage, he has learnt a wide variety of Kung Fu styles, including Northern and Southern Shaolin, Five Animal System, and classical weaponry.

Advantages of "Tiger in the Moonlight book ":
Powerful historical background:
Enjoyable historical insight into how the animal forms came to be. Information on the tiger claw system is like discovering a rare gem. More publication on this system would benefit the martial art community. The book beautifully illustrates the esoteric fighting style of this powerful animal. So little information is published about five animal kung fu forms, and this book gives a brief history of the system and the form itself.

Better for beginners:
Sifu Paul Koh provides an introduction to the tiger matching set for martial artists who want to know more about this form. But it also captures the attention of the curious and will certainly encourage them to study kung fu and truly learn the techniques behind "Tiger in the Moonlight." There aren't many martial arts manuals that are so well designed and this book should be in the library of any serious kung fu practitioner.

Excellent photographs of each move in the illustrated form.

Clear, concise instruction provided especially for beginner who want to start learn tiger techniques quickly.

Disadvantages of paul book:
Don't expect to find any ancient forms of tiger kung fu style:
This book based on the not so long illustration guide to the style Fu Jow Pai, and does not contain explanation about traditional shaolin form or the original hung gar form of tiger and crane.

The problem of short demonstrations: 
The form is rather short and no proper explanation is given even though the pictures are clear.

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