Kung fu san soo techniques

What is the kung fu style San soo ?
San soo is a fighting style distinct from the Chinese martial art named Similarly San Xu although they share the same name written in Chinese. (散 手 - meaning 'hand'), context is used to differentiate between the two.

History of Kung fu San soo
Family of 5 Fist (五 家 拳) is an important part of the Su San, and is usually practiced in the Taishan region of Guangdong Province. Kung fu San soo techniques build from both Northern and Southern Chinese martial arts systems.

How San soo Kung Fu came in America?
Shin Seo took KD to enter the United States under the Chinese Exclusion Act, leaving China on the eve of the Japanese occupation, and the name "Jimmy Wu Hao" a pseudonym for life.

Kung Fu San Soo techniques
San soo Kung Fu is a style of martial arts is believed to have origins dating back to Northern Shaolin Temple. However, unlike most arts derived from Shaolin martial, San soo technique does not attempt to simulate the movements of animals. San soo Shin Na employs levers and quick strikes, and take the plunge, and a penalty throw that benefit from the physics of the human body. Many experts consider San soo kung fu to be more sophisticated and complete system of martial arts in existence today.

Is not created San soo studying or as a sport tournament, but usually practitioners integrate limited forms of sparring. San soo kung fu does not attempt to simulate the movements of animals with forms further details. The basic premise for San soo absence of rules in the battle, so the pattern is oriented techniques to remove the threat as soon as possible through the balance of seizing the initiative and keep the opponent off. Like many of the martial arts, can be used San soo by smaller or weaker people against aggressors bigger or stronger by taking advantage of technology and knowledge of the reaction to compensate for the lack of strength.

Techniques are performed in San soo Shin Na consists of levers, throw, and strangulation, a shared lock, choke, strikes, and quick takedowns. objectives include the eyes, nose and throat, base of the skull and neck, liver, spleen, kidney and thigh, and knees, and for this reason, most practitioners San soo not fully participate in the fighting competition / contact sport. Usually practiced in the techniques of non-trainee sessions "free workout" with carefully controlled contact. San soo practitioners claim this method of training builds an automatic response and flexibility in much the same way learn a few words at a time until we get the full vocabulary and versatile. Training methods and historical interpretations, and amendments exist from one school to another between the descendants of modern Su San.

In San soo training with the use of many traditional Chinese weapons. These include staff (5 ', 7', 9 '), brochure, or linking tearing swords and Pat Cham de (butterfly swords), three staff section, tai chi sword, knife, spear Shas, Kwon do, and series. Tonfa, although not a traditional Chinese weapon, and it was the weapon that Jimmy Wu specialized in and integrate them into art

Strikes San soo hand
San soo employs a variety of techniques beaten by hand. San soo practitioner’s punches, cutting open hand, elbow strikes and finger jabs as part of their arsenal. Like all technologies in San soo cannon, and lend a hand strikes quickly and decisively with a destructive force for easy targets like the eyes of the throat and nose, the solar plexus.

San soo Kicks
Like all North Arts-style Chinese martial San soo employs a variety of kicks and strikes the knees. San soo delivery kicks and knee strikes strongly in such a manner as to cause severe injury immediate discount through the power of influence .

Chin Na raises
Chin Na techniques, an important component of the Su San, discount and lock the joints, tendons or muscles. Using Chen us to control the opponent in the same way MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) employing carries combatants. In San Suu, employing Qin Na to throw opponents off balance or to make progress completely . Smaller fighters taking on the biggest discount find Qin Na techniques are particularly effective.

Pressure points
Using techniques San soo to target pressure points and nerve endings. Finger jabs, fabric grabs and pulls this objective internal organs, muscles and nerve endings allow fighters to disrupt the opponent quickly with minimal expansion of energy.

Hong - ga
Hong - ja, an important aspect of training Su San, confirms a dynamic force through the proper use of body movement. Rotation of the body, and the conversion of weight and power generation through pivoting movements and beating all help to generate energy in the Su San techniques by putting all of your body behind.

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You should know that kung fu san soo teaches practitioners to eliminate threats as quickly as possible via a combination of kicks, punches and holds aimed at vital parts of the body. As a result, there are no kung fu san soo tournaments, and in fact, practitioners do not consider it a sport.
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