learn basic shaolin kung fu exercises by video

Before talking about basic shaolin kung fu exercises you should know some historical information about shaolin kung.
After the Cultural Revolution in China, government restrictions on the martial arts master, and many of them went to Taiwan and many books with themselves. At the present time, can not be that many aspects of Shaolin Kung Fu to the north, as Qigong can be found in the Shaolin Temple itself, but only a part of them superficial. But can be found on these aspects lost almost intact in southern China and Taiwan.
To learn Shaolin Kung fu Basic Exercises I had in the past  , first - training on the legs, with the handle and then be mixed in different places legs, it takes discipline and hard work is enormous, but a beautiful blend of art and power (for me)

but other Shaolin Kung fu Basic Exercises and Skills my found in later video where If you train Wushu in Dengfeng, you have to wear traditional training robes, same at Wudang Shan. You don't become a real monk then, it's about making all students look equal, so no one feels higher ranked than the others. In good traditional schools in western countries it's all the same.
Forgot to say that the government banned traditional kung fu to be taught. this caused the grand masters no to be able to teach their real knowledge, unless to only a few secret disciples and sometimes via the written manuals. however, today, almost all those restrictions are over and we have a good and rather cheap access to their knowledge via the books, videos, and most effectively via their disciples. By the way Monks like Shi Xing Liao break hard stones as easy as breaking a peace of cheese! Resources for learning traditional training are available to us even much much easier than to the ancient Shaolin monks themselves. But what we see in most these videos is nothing more than the superficial and back-boned performance of the forms. We must study, ponder, and learn the right way ourselves. YOU should got Master to learn shaolin kung fu!!!
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