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 There are many accounts about the history and origin wing Chan, but the most common of those returned by the eighteenth century about where there was a nun in the temple of Shaolin called NG MUI brought to its attention in a few days a bird Crane  fighting a fox and found that there is a lot to learn from their fight remained watching closely such confrontations and studied and established a style which depends on the fight crane or stork with the fox and she has also learned the former methods of Shaolin like the way the snake, in particular, and after a period has this nun to leave the temple and taught her style to her student YIM WING CHUN Password Wong Chan means flower and plum, which was known method after the name, which in turn learned of her husband LEONG POK KOW and return to them most of the trees Alailh own style LINEAGE, the city or Vosan Foshan FOSHAN in China is a city that is spread out method...

 And from this city migrated a large number of professors of this method because of the communist revolution that fought the temples of Shaolin and teachers of martial arts as a symbol of religiosity and feudalism, and among those YIP MAN who emigrated to Hong in 1950 and founded the style of its own know-style Hong Kong and is the father of wing chun gung fu , this man talk Chan on Hong Kong and is the coach Brauce lee known actor has trained Broce lee the wing chun gung fu the way when YIP AMN Chan in Hong Kong and then created his own style, known as Jet Kune Do, which depends heavily on wing Chan...

wing chun gung fu schools 
 There are many schools in many styles and forms of wing chun gung fu, including a school, Hong Kong, which was founded upon the Man, and there is method in Vosan and known bass Wong Chan Vosan has died, the largest teachers of that method in the nineties and was called Ban Nam PAN NAM, as there are two schools different in Malaysia, one of them founded and named YIP KIN wing Chan, Malaysia, and had migrated to Malaysia from China, according to some accounts in the forties of the last century, and the other school was founded by CHOE ON, who emigrated to Malaysia and also the foundations of this method...

There are many other schools in China and in various Asian countries like the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia, as many adult students, teachers have found methods of Wong and Chan schools of their own all over the world...

The basics are the same in these schools but there are a lot of differences, especially in some poses and breadth and some applications...

There are many methods for long term Chan vary tone, language and country, but they all mean the same thing, for example:

And adds another word or CHUAN QUAN or Queen KUEN and boxing are all meant any Boxing wing Chan WING CHUN KUEN any boxing Plum Flower

We will address in subsequent posts to the historical information and more follow wing chun gung fu for the families of adults and teachers and many of the trainers...

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