Shaolin International Federation

All Martial Arts of this world were created under the sun of Shaolin. Shaolin Kung Fu is as vast and complex as the universe. This site will barely scratch the surface of its depths. An ancient Shaolin Master once said: "Study Shaolin Style in great depth, then absorb the special qualities of other styles. Set for your high ideals. Study for wisdom and train the body. Never fear evil. Always fight for Justice." A good soldier is not violent. A good fighter is not furious. A good winner is not vindictive.

The Shaolin International Federation was set up to meet the enormous demand from all parts of the world. It was founded in the early 90's by Du Baihong (aka Shi Yan Bo, Asian & American department) and Joost Warsanis (aka Shi Yan Yu, European department). The main goal of the Shaolin International Federation is spreading the Chinese Martial Arts and culture around the world. Exploring this website will feel like taking a journey from the ancient history of the Martial Arts to the mysterious future. The materials included on this website have been compiled with extreme care and are protected by copyright laws. Keep on surfing and let us be part of your life.

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