ninja training real techniques

Some of the tactics of war developed phenomenal ninjas are men with bothersome enemy fire in different areas other than their initial point of attack climb a tree and hide duckweed for movements stealth submarines, curling ball and motionless as a stone on water Go with a number of specialized wooden shoes, etc. History has shown a variety of magical techniques they made ​​in case of danger or covert operations. After a series of ninja fighters disguised themselves as part of the enemy group and began firing into the group after infiltration. Most soldiers have killed their own men from the army by mistake by a simple question, it has infiltrated a Ninja. And captured in another case, only an elite cluster of three ninjas fifty-seven an entire castle. Ninjas are the tasks they are made​​, how it can be difficult. If they fail a task, it is a shame and in many cases, they can kill. Every ninja must fight to his death, and no running is allowed again, because it would be disrespectful to the community and its capabilities
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