ninja swords and mortal ninja weapons

Ninja includes items such as weapons of knives, darts, pins, star-shaped plate, sickles, with a weight at one end, loops, special chains, swords, some chemical weapons, etc. Any warrior ninja to control at least five or more weapons. Chemistry and the use of certain chemicals have been a mysterious art known only to the ninja community. Ninjas believed to possess a "Black Medicine", which keeps the blood circulation and pain in a cup, so to fight attacked by ninjas.

Ninjas have kings and owners for purposes such as collecting sensitive information, to attack them as a potential threat and kill their enemies without identities, the adjusted death notice. Empires were frustrated that the ninjas are much more capable than their soldiers. Traps and holes were built block the kingdoms to catch ninjas. Metal walls and paths are used to indicate an unauthorized entry of a ninja. Remained powerful ninja fight against all these difficulties and succeeded in its tasks and mission.
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