Legend behind five element ninjas

Ninja Warriors are an elite group of mercenaries secret in Japan. You practice and follow unorthodox practices of war that are very special for themselves. They share the honor above all and that they intend to fight or even die for the honor. Keeping in contrast to the samurai are warriors for their exceptional abilities known. Many strategies false Ninja only as a martial art, ninja, but above all espionage, sabotage, espionage tactics outside her assassination techniques. In modern times, some of their techniques are still available with the name of Ninjitsu.
Ninja culture was followed as a tradition in antiquity. A soldier Ninja teaches and coaches his son with special abilities. It was a matter of pride to say, even a ninja. Their skills were from training long and sincere and practical learning. Their methods of practice running long distances without interruption swim under water, saw no movement above the water surface and extend to the killing of highly specialized techniques, such as cutting of the body in a hundred different places opponent before he died in a sword fight. Ninjas are used to manage their own gravity, so it is very easy to climb ropes, branches, etc. They also heavily on costumes and other survival techniques.
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