Learn tai chi chuan movements by video (High Quality educational DVD)

Educational DVD of Tai chi chuan movements by Master Aiping Cheng (Master Aiping Cheng's Basic Movements of Tai Chi Chuan) :
  1. will benefit anyone. Beginner will learn the essential basic of tai chi chuan movements (TCC).
  2. building a strong foundation for future study of any form of tai chi chuan . 
  3. Advance students can refine their movements of fighting with tai chi chuan
    This educational video is a recipient of The Communicator Awards, December 2002. The award recognizes Aiping's instuctional video for excellence in communications. More than 3,400 video entries from 10 countries were evaluated.
    She teaches:
    1. Alignment  of tai chi chuan .
    2. Breathing ways in tai chi chuan movements:How to regulates your breath when fighting with tai chi chuan boxing style or even when you practices the tai chi chuan only in order to get healthy and to get strong body by learning the exact way to perform tai chi chuan movements .
    3. Learn by Video how to perform hand positions when performing the various forms of tai chi chuan.                                                                                                                                                  
    4. Learn by video how to control your leg stances when acting the tai chi chuan,
    5. Learn what is arm movements, leg movements, coordinating arm of tai chi chuan forms.
    6. Learn all above tai chi chuan techniques practically by video of two practice routines  using 24 form movements.                                                                                                                                                                                              
    7. what is tree standing meditation in tai chi chuan training?  

    Master Aiping Cheng is one of the world's most accomplished Tai Chi Chuan and Wushu experts with over 30 years of training, teaching and judging traditional and competition styles in both disciplines. Her accomplishments include:
    1. 3 time All-China National Tai Chi Chuan champion.
    2. 6-time member of the elite Chinese National Wushu Team.
    3. Top coach at one of China's world class sports institutes.
    4. One of prestigious Chinese National Committee of 16 distinguished masters to establish the first world competition standards.
    5. In 1999 ranked at the highest skill level by the International Wushu Association of Beijing and awarded special recognition for teaching these ancient cultural arts to people around the world.

      Learn by video tai chi chuan movements in a simple step-by-step format; just follow and practice each movement of tai chi chuan movements  with her. The clearly marked sections help you learn one lesson before moving on to the next. Master Aiping created this Educational video to make learning of tai chi chuan movements easy and enjoyable. As she says ""You will have Tai Chi Chuan your whole life.""
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