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Side Kick
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In Japanese, Yoko Geri, Korean, Chagi Yeop .
Kick side refers to his feet, what happens on the other side, where the human body with his foot. There are two main ways in which the high kick can be delivered. The first is connected with a cavity Kick bending arms and back (back, in other words) before impact. The second involves shooting the leg forward, as is done in a kick and then pivoting and turning so that you really Kick to the side.

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In addition, there are two areas that are commonly used as the point of impact in the Sidekicks. First, the heel of the foot and the other outer edge of the foot (sometimes called Side Kick plates "Ashi-Gatan" or "sokuto" in Japanese). Heel more suitable for quantitative indicators, such as ribs, stomach, jaw, temples and chest. Side plates are more suitable for soft goals such as knee and neck.

Muay Thai uses the sidestroke thus less using it as a destructive attack, when his knees hit the high enemy attack, when we want to try to damage the opponents knees (not allowed in most of the fighting). Otherwise, it is used mainly as a "push". The reason lies in the fact that the most viable target for the acolyte below the chest and the knee and groin, which are not allowed in most episodes of sports, including Muay Thailand.
The downside Kick

In Korean Ban Dae Yeop Chagi or momdollyo Yeop Chagi.

Using more than one trick up his delivery, which sit in the chair, to turn your hips more. The impact starts with the upper chamber, as opposed to a straight line passing through the movement of his foot back. You can either use the heel (DWI kkumchi) or footsword (balkal) as a tool of attack. Although it is not quite the same kick capoeira Chapa giratoria very similar to kick back.
Traditional Kick Back (kick back)

In Japanese Ushiro Geri, Korean, Chagi dwit

Also called Kick Ass, Spin Kick, Kick a mule, or back foot. This is a blow to the maintenance sent back to support the closure of the supporting leg and using the heel as a striking surface. Most often it is a blow delivered with a rotation in the tournament. It can be very damaging because of its power and Benny Urquidez once said in his book "Training and skill, his conviction that kick in the strongest karate

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