wudang tai chi chuan sword Martial Art

Form of the  tai chi chuan sword, as a sequence of movements, also mentioned in the Yang style tai chi chuan, performed at the specified speed, usually takes about 4 minutes

Wudang martial arts in popular culture
Wudang monasteries figure prominently in Chinese martial arts films, including gender, cinema and popular literature UNL
Training on wudang tai chi chuan sword
Tai Chi students usually begin training Dao after one year to three years of training. Having acquired know-how with them, they can learn dog, although some teachers do not teach dog, until the student is studying for 10 years, while other teachers do not teach at all .

Today, however, many teachers give students the opportunity to begin training after their swords to explore the basic forms of tai chi. For example, in the Northwest Association of Tai Chi and Chinese Tai Chi Chuan Association of Canada is followed by concrete steps to forms of learning. First, students study a number of specific Standing Meditation Qigong - Zhan Zhuang, and basic exercises. Then they find the old style of family forms Yang Ta-Chung Chen. What follows is a short form, push hands, and the San Lu - show is a form of gymnastics partner. Students then learn Chung style fast form. This creates a solid foundation in the empty hand techniques and body movement in Tai Chi.

Moving wudang tai chi chuan sword always in  a small circular motion, usually used for cutting, Nick, cut and thrust. More traffic logging is not used much during   training, but these methods can be found in applications Tao. Blocking with a plate   is not approved, although the lower part is boring and made for freezing. It's more like get-Out-Of-The-Way and weapons to the room.
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