When Northern kung fu started ?

Northern kung fu History

Monastery of Henan Shaolin Monastery. The monks began practicing martial weapons around the Tang Dynasty and became known for helping the future Emperor Li Shimin of the fight against rebel forces. The monks were mostly known for their technique of spear and staff to Ming-Qing transition, when they began to specialize in melee combat. Reputation Shaolin martial arts has increased over the following centuries his name became synonymous with martial arts, whether it is a separate art traces its origins to the Shaolin Monastery in Henan province, or not. [1] Consequently, "the nickname Shaolin" has been applied to other Buddhist temples with a solid reputation for martial arts. Characteristics of martial arts, taught in every church are very different from each other, that they have identified their place of origin.

Style Northern Shaolin associated with Ku Ruzhang was first taught to lay student of the famous masters of 18 th century Gan Fengchi Jiangsu Province, the Shaolin monk named Zhao Yuan, born Zhu Fu, a member of the Royal Ming, who joined the Sangha after Qing Ming was overthrown in 1644. (Gan is also known for the creation of the martial arts huaquan, literally "flower fist" in which he wrote the book "Introduction to huaquan.) Gan, in turn, taught Bangcai Wang, who taught Degong Yang Yang who taught Sansen, who taught Tsziven Yang, who taught his nephew Gu Ruzhang (1894-1952).
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