Northern Shaolin Kung fu symbols ,common words ,ideoms

Commonly used phrases ,ideoms ,words of The Northern Shaolin and curriculum of Gu Ruzhang :

here are some of commonly used phrases and usefull ideoms that used in names of stances or forms of Northern kung fu styles in shaolin kung fu :

Mandarin Pinyin

Open the Door
Kāi Mén
Hoy Moon
Essential Entry/Basic Skills To Shaolin
Lead the Way
Lǐng Lù
Leng Lo
Leading the Attack
The Sitting Horse
Zuò Mǎ
Jo Ma
Counter Attacks
Pierce the Heart
Chuān Xīn
Heart Piercing Strikes
Martial Skill
Wǔ Yì
Mong I
Combat Techniques
Short Strike
Duǎn Dǎ
Tun Da
Close-Encounter Combinations
Plum Flower
Méi Huā
Moi fa
Breaking the Ambush
Uprooting Step
Bá Bù
Bat Bo
Open-Space Fighting Combinations
Chained Fist
Lein Wan
Chained Multiple Strikes
Pattern Method
Shì Fǎ
Sik Fot
Essential Techniques from Other Styles
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