7 classes of Northern Kung fu you must know

Generations of Northern Kung fu

1.(monk Zhao Yuan)
2.(Gan Feng Chi)
3.(WAN Cai Bang)
4.(Yan Gong)
5.(Yan San Xǐng)
6.(Yan Ji Wen)
7.(PG Rǔ Zhang)

Yan Gu Tsziven also taught skills council Iron and ironing Palm. On another occasion was celebrated in 1931, Gu said he showed them on horseback.

Among the masters of martial arts, which gathered at the National Institute of Martial Arts in Nanjing in 1928, Gu placed in the top fifteen years and included a number of Zhensong Fu Li Xianwu, Laimin Wan, Wan Laisheng, Wang and Zhou Shao in the south-five tigers (, pinyin wǔ hǔ xià Jiang Nan, literally "five tigers in the south of Jiangnan"), the five masters of Chinese martial arts of the North sent to Guangzhou to organize another National Institute of Martial Arts.

In Guangzhou, the name "Shaolin" is already associated with Hun Gar and other styles Gu style became known as Northern Shaolin. Also named Bak Sil Lum in Cantonese and Mandarin Bei Shaolin.
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