3 things about Northern kung fu you do not know !


Northern Shaolin style of kung fu styles is one of the most prominent traditional northern Chinese martial arts. Northern style kung fu in general emphasize the long-range techniques, quick advances and retreats, the wide positions, kicking and jumping techniques, whirling circular blocks, quickness, agility and aggressive attacks .

The system teaches empty-handed techniques and weaponry through predetermined combinations, known as modalities, procedures, or sets of movements. Students learn the basics, practice procedures, while movements in functions can be performed on the basis of a natural instinct. Then, two or more sets of human practice to prepare the answers and use techniques drawn from the whole. Sets practices / procedures, not only in practical applications, but also graceful and artistic character. Fluid movements combined with acrobatic techniques are trademarks of Northern Shaolin Kung-Fu sets.

Northern style Shaolin kung fu has been made famous in the late Ku Yu Cheung. There are many legends about the Ku, according to stories involving his close followers, the father of KU was a good indicator of Tan Tui (magnetic base) Kung-Fu form. When he was young, Ku traveled throughout Northern China to study all systems north of kung fu. He was known for his iron fist and how to use a long spear. He organized all his learning that the Northern Shaolin Kung Fu today.
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