secrets of self defense with ju jitsu Martial arts online course

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free japan ju jitsu meditation book download ,secrets of self defense with ju jitsu Martial arts online course


1. An introductory course showing:
That the secret of jujitsu is in the Stahara.
How to use the Stahara.
How to train the Stahara. (22 photos.)
2. Defense when a man attacks you by seizing you around waist. There are five tricks in this series, and they
provide a splendid means of exercise. (18 photos.)
Defense when a man attacks your throat. After mastering this lesson, the weakest woman will be safe from
such an attack. (17 photos.)
3. Defense when opponent seizes your wrists. Teaching how to lever them out by the strength of your body.
This lesson trains you to use your body as a whole. (26 photos.)
4. Defense when attacked from behind. By having your practice partner attack from behind, you master a
series of tricks that will be useful in any situation of attack or defense. (34 photos.)
5. Defense when attacked by knife, club, pistol, kicks, etc. This lesson teaches you quick thinking and gives
you presence of mind in an emergency. (44 photos.)
6. Taking prisoners, hammerlocks, and a number of tricks whereby the weaker man can get the stronger.
These are intensely interesting tricks, most of them published for the first time. (49 photos.)
7. Three of the secret grips of Japan never yet published in any book, Japanese or otherwise.
These tricks give you the power of life or death. The method of instruction allows them to be practised as an
interesting pastime, and with absolute safety. (38 photos.)
(TOTAL 248 photos.)

This lesson illustrates the principle of putting the strength of your whole body into
everything you do instead of merely using the strength of the particular hand or arm
which is immediately concerned in the operation.

This lesson teaches you how to make an opponent quit without injuring him.
After mastering the principle of this lesson, two inexperienced men may proceed to
practise all the tricks in this course any number of times, without injury or pain.
The seven lessons taught in Book 1 are not meant to teach Fighting or Self-defence

This lesson gives further instruction in how to take bone-breaking grips on the opponent and control him
without any danger of breaking his bones.

This lesson gives you an example of maneuvering opponent's hand to such a position that it becomes
relatively weak.
You are then taught the principle it embodies. You will apply this principle to every hold you practise.

This lesson shows clearly by means of two photographs the secret of Stahara Control, and teaches you how to
apply it.

This lesson teaches you to keep your balance when struggling in a clinch.
It is a simple method of accustoming a beginner to personal contact with his

This lesson teaches some simple calisthenic movements to increase your balance and Stahara control.
Done five minutes night and morning they will give you a healthy appetite and improve your figure.

This lesson teaches you --
How to clasp hands when taking hold.
An interesting variation of the waisthold.
The chin shove.
Correct leverage in the chin shove.
Advanced practice in the chin shove.

This lesson teaches you --
The Nose Push.
The psychology of the Nose Push.
When to use the knee kick.
The escape from the chin shove.

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