martial art of Kindo , japanese martial arts

Kindo art of fencing
May be one of the oldest sports in free online kendo books,austin kendo,american kendo 4504the world to combat it emerged with the invention of the sword and wars and has deep roots in China and among the arts and combat and then moved to Japan and evolved
men who made a game with national traditions and respect for the sword as the weapon used to be beautiful only to protect the homeland and self-defense, may not be used for a criminal purpose.

kendo equipment
So he used a sword of wood instead of the real sword, free online kendo books,austin kendo,american kendo 012which is a bundle of sticks tied together the kind of soft tape of the skin, and wearing a mask similar to the player largely worn by players duel, but it hangs thick pieces of cloth to cover the shoulders, as well as a shield for the chest and gloves to prevent hands and arms in order to protect the parts of the body blows As for the dress is a traditional robe, a loose-sleeved short and wide and wearing the old Shea.

kendo technique
When you start the game each player tries to hit a target the sword in the other discount, body or arms .. In the case of payment of the sword on the neck or one of the positions mentioned in the body of the adversary is subdued. The law allows the player fired high over the cries of the game shows the strength and the courage and willingness to face his opponent. Does not depend on the game to determine the weights of the players, but only to define a time of six minutes from time.

The division of the players depends on the degree of color belts they receive .. The class developed a black belt holder.
And is often white belt for beginners. As is allowed for girls to exercise, provided the game of putting a white on the left shoulder.

Currently the free online kendo books,austin kendo,american kendo 055game is over in about twenty countries in the world,
primarily in Japan, China, Taiwan, America, Canada, France, Brazil and established the first union for this game in Japan in 1909 and then founded the European Union in 1968,
who organized the first European Championship in 1969 and then in Japan organized the first World Championship in Tokyo in 1970 and then adopted the International Federation of Japan based in Kindu.
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