taichi Chuan style for beginners

Thai Chi Chuan is the art of Chinese martial arts that rely on the so-called internal strength and symbolizes in Chinese as "Chi" and the translation of Tai Chi Chuan is a verbatim Hafts big hikes "grand ultimate fist", and is based on a starter and it is essential not absorb the adversary and beat him before he breeds a sense that the new * soft defenses are actually with the enemy so that it then followed by the dispersal capacity of a surprise attack Mistold fuses the energy the body interior.
Thai Chi Chuan and has many of the best known schools * * the order at all yanj and uw and chen.

Thai Chi Chuan and the various methods is based on eight basic techniques:

    drawing pressure ,Pushing ,

    Furling attractions,

    Chapter annex and a shoulder.
    And one of the most important methods of training in this manner in the so-called hand-driving and pushing hands is a dual between the two training to learn to harness energy and gain experience.
    This is just a brief overview of Thai Chi Chuan.

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