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About Far East Sports rather than mixed martial arts
Between the smell of history and religious rituals

The human remains throughout the Human development Starting from the Stone Age to the space age in the struggle with the lasting power of different forms, always tries to win the battle of challenge and confrontation

And whenever the circumstances of this new force tried to address them in new ways
And sophisticated. Because the old man's struggle depends on the physical strength and skill in
The use of primitive weapons such as sword and spear, etc.
However, there are sophisticated methods in the fight depends on the
Harsh intensive training and continuous patience and determination with a determination,

such as
That emerged in the country's Far East such as
China in the beginning of the call and Buddhism in Japan
The samurai and other countries such as Korea and Thailand, those peoples that have
Many of the combat secrets, customs, traditions and beliefs that are hard to understood for whome living outside the borders of the Far East
I was actually born in this country several violent sports
The serious mixes with the scent of ancient history and customs, religious rites and traditions
People such as Chinese boxing, jojitso, judo karate,
Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu , aikidu, kindo and other sports other
Western rites, such as samurai and sumo .. The whole purpose of the further
development of sports

And the development of compatibility
between the body and spirit, reason and self-defense and sometimes cause a Injuries and severe permanent disabilities and possibly death because they are seen as fighting a real sense of the word
Mainly based on the principles of special and philosophical beliefs of strange and hidden secrets If the Chinese and the Japanese share of the dam
Violent sports, however, that the deadly Thai also known as a unique sport
Thai Boxing In any case, despite the different names
And the quality and origins of these combat sports, but it is essentially dependent
on the means of
Defense and attack and the reactions
Specularity Elusiveness, speed and skill in
The use of all the parties to the body, both in defense or attack, the sudden
This has been the centuries-long sports prisoners in
Country in order to preserve the secrets of her family and then was able to drop some of them
Outside the home, such as judo, karate, jujitsu, Tae Kwon Do, then
Finally Sport Kung Fu which some Arab and foreign countries and become
Sports enjoyed enormous popularity in those countries that entered, but it seems that some
Games will remain trapped
in the country's Far East for ever, such as samurai and sumo
That differ from the rest of the combat sports and other grass-roots ... Because the exercise
Require more force and violence associated with many of the religious rites of alien
Secrets and traditions of others and clear .. We therefore accepted the offer of the sports theme of Ninja .

This site need exposure

to these different types of combat sports in some
Brief so as to understand the real secrets of the ninja and the difference between the movements used In this sport, and philosophy of sports and other movements with the following
be continue.......
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