Learn healing spiritual of tai chi

As for Thai Chi combat and spiritual
Know that my brothers Tai Chi is a non-fragmented
I mean, can not say this and this Taiche spiritual combat and can not be separated
Any method Taiche side and the medical side of the war together and says he learned Tai Chi, or spiritual combat just did not learn Tai Chi, there is no such thing
Every movement and every exercise in the Tai Chi, if the medical and health and for energy and flow and at the same time and has its combat applications.
This applies to most methods of warfare, especially the Chinese and others.
However, in the Chi, there is considerable focus on the energy and theories of Chinese medicine.

A group of any mode of Thai Chi is designed to apply the energy in various parts of the body and the various tracks are excellent and the opening of the gates and the revitalization of energy and promote energy and balance between the Yen and Yung
And also is known as the energy in the body and the effect varies from time to time in the 24 hours and vary from month to month and with the season and the separation of the group, which was designed to simulate Chi form and so that when the accuracy and proper power and the balance and revitalization are also happening in the next 24 hours and even up to year-round.

DimMack Techniques
Therefore, we find in the DimMack Techniques some strikes to hit on certain points at certain times of the day, week or month or year and does not have an impact, but if you've the time. And the other hand, every movement of the group is a key to a wide range of combat techniques and applications, and I mean all the movement of any Form, when we do 1 and 2 and and ...etc is a gate to another group and of course without stopping untill the end of the Form.

It is not every group of Taiche are played slowly :

Some movements are very slow in The form performed strongly and the speed as the Water moving smoothly into the river and the sea is calm and quiet, but in some areas to find water and are being strongly hitting and great energy and enthusiasm, as well as the sea waves, but it remains liquid and water, as well as the fighter does not Convulses and maintain the calm and smooth movements and actions are that the movement or strike very fast and very strong and destructive, and where much of the energy, but in the liquidity and the rush of water.

problem of understanding the Thai Chi :
This problem has emerged in the understanding of Thai Chi and only to the newly foreign and they have to learn from the other nations, we find that the person has to learn Thai Chi, but it focused only on the spiritual and medical, energy, and to ignore another aspect of combat and focused only on the fighting and movements Physical only knew their students, however, that this is the Taiche
This is both wrong and did not know and does not know the Thai Chi

For example, you can not drive a car without wheels, or without the engine, but even without a wire and a small screw or a small
As well as combat and Styles including Thai Chi s must be taken as an integrated whole.

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