chi breathing and movements

For breathing
Difficult to determine how to breathe with each movement of movements that take place without stopping the process of Sniffling and exhale deeply and continuously
But in general, and the Tai Chi and other techniques and also yoga

In the case of pushing of the hands and body dimensions on both sides or to the knowledge of the breath and join hands for the body and be withdrawn inhalation
In the case of the hands to drop down or push them down is the breath and in the case be brought to the Supreme inhalation

The opening of the body in the case of inhalation, and inhalation in the case of annexation of the body and the breath

Sniffling in the case of energy and if you withdraw in the case of breath if you were out of energy

Sniffling process and be ongoing and exhale deeply and speed commensurate with the speed of movement and the beginning of the movement begins and ends is notable

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