boxing martial art basics

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1 - Chinese boxing is a sport out of the modern Martial Arts
aspect of Chinese culture

Defined the sport for more than about three thousand years BC and was a series of military exercises to be used in the individual battles and skirmishes and violent like the sport to a large extent, known as the Greek (Bankeretyawm), which is a combination of wrestling and boxing movements of ancient Chinese paid by a layer of monks within the teachings of Buddhism have evolved to develop spirit, mind and body,

accompanied by the severity of deep meditation and concentration to become over time the sport is popular with the gloves without the use of certain tools, such as the short stick and spear and thus become violent and dangerous sport has nothing to do with boxing now known But in terms of the similarity of the name only.

In any event, the adoption of Chinese boxing in the motor after the technique developed in the Shaolin Temple and the punches long strides and the attack and defense with the diligent use of various types of arms and fists and kicking and is now known in China under the name (Shaolin Boxing) attributed to the name of the temple, which was suffered the development of Chinese boxing .
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