martial arts training's tips and martial arts fighting styles

Player of martial arts Must be an expert in Classes of Weapons
Such as small and large swords, knives, bows and arrows, stick, sickle, chains, sticks albums, throwing choriken Stars , And many of the weapons and tools
Player of martial arts Should not be based on weapons ,It is without his weapon will be Top dangerous ,But if he handle the weapon between his the arms becomes lethal and deadly ..

Weapons of death Is the complement of the life of martial arts player ,he must be concerned with weapons of death as also interested in children
When you start your training of tough any kind of martial arts must be attentive to your trainings well .
Because martial arts is not fun, or play .That exercise strict and harsh
Yet so much is able to withstand the difficult combat situations.
Trainer of martial arts Must learn the skills of lightness and fitness
Which makes it distinct from other combatants,
For example:

Player or Ninja Kung Fu of course Must learn How to walk Trees and walls Spider-way
And learn the correct technical In order to implement
movements and a touches of Death And other weaknesses in the human body

or animals in general.
As the martial arts practitioner That are adequately trained in night and day to
Each of the weapons of death in Order to be able to master all.

The weapons must learn including Katana weapon and throwing stars and knives and claws and handsets Ninchacu Sai and Bo stick
After a long training sessions on this hard trainings of martial arts:
Player starts the exercise of meditation, relaxation exercises.

The skills of martial arts trainer are becomes when be a real player
It is the best moment in the life of martial arts practitioner
To complete his first mission
I remember the first piece of information uttered by the teacher of the sport Kiokouchn
where learned from his difficult continuous training at the wild and say Popular wisdom:
"If trained for a month you are still a player, and if trained for a period of ten thousand months,

you may become a Master"
For more information about the weapons of death which Players of the martial arts should know
Here's a list of known weapons
Used by fighters of different martial arts.

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